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The real story of Jonah and the Whale (not the child version)
As the ancient city-state of Ninevah becomes more violent, two men of opposite character go to the fierce land to try to save the people from judgment.

The Queen of Ninevah experiences her annual bout of depression when the birthday of her firstborn arrives. The guilt of allowing the child to be sacrificed is increased now that her daughter is of the age to be married- for in their society that first child too will be sacrificed.

For this reason the daughter has refused to be married, but the King has issued an ultimatum and she must choose a husband within thirty days.

The earthquakes are getting worse in Ninevah however and when buildings fall, the Queen and her children go to help the people despite the King's protest. Being among those who serve them begins to stir compassion in the Queen and her children and they begin to try to influence the King to start new reforms in the powerful city-state.

As news of the earthquakes and the horrific child and human sacrificial rituals begin to come into the land of Israel- Ari a young loving prophet and Jonah an arrogant narcissist Prophet are compelled to go to the city state and help the people.

While Ari loves the idea of traveling to Ninevah, Jonah does not. He believes they are a murderous people who deserve to be destroyed. He takes a ship heading in the opposite direction. When a storm threatens his ship he knows he is the cause and gives his life as a sacrifice. Though the Captain of the ship is reluctant the storm becomes so bad he feels he has no other choice and tosses Jonah in the sea. When the storm suddenly abates, he believes Jonah's God is more powerful than his own.

When the sailors hear Jonah's cries and realize that he is alive within the big fish, they determine that as long as they can hear his cries- they will try to save him.

Meanwhile back in Nineva, Ari travels the nation telling stories about the God of love. Since the people have only known hatred they are fascinated with the concept that perhaps they were each fashioned as a beautiful child to a loving Heavenly Father. Their hearts begin to soften and for the first time hope comes to the land.

The Princess and her friends have heard of the young Prophet and his stories. Since she must choose a husband, they travel toeet him, hoping to find a suitable match somewhere in the Kingdom.

Inside the big fish Jonah discovers mysteries of the sea and more knowledge of the God who creates. Though he is not aware the sailors are trying to help him, he knows he is alive for a reason and reluctantly agrees with God to help the Ninevites.

In Ninevah another earthquake comes and as Ari and the Princess help the people they meet and fall in love. The Princess pledges her allegiance to Ari's God and they marry. They continue to travel to the capital, crossing the land and telling more people that love can change their culture.

The sailors hail other ships to help them and together they corral the big fish closer to land. Because of Jonah's movements inside his belly, the fish has become sick and easilyoves inward.When the fish vomits a now blind, acid bleached Jonah onto the beach and the people see this God-like man they instantly fall to their knees and follow his instructions to repent. When they do - he becomes angrier.

As Jonah too starts traveling toward the city of the King, he finds the way has already been prepared by Ari but instead of feeling glad at God's mercy, he becomes angrier at His grace showing his religious arrogance in sharp contrast to Ari's loving spirit.

At last as they all arrive at the capital and meet the King, they find between his family and the people, reform is necessary. He declares a time of fasting and repentance as the Kingdom contemplates a new way of life...and the.people are glad to be rid of their loved ones being sacrificed.

Jonah goes up to the top of the mountain, hoping to watch Nineveh's destruction.

Submitted: July 5, 2018
Last Updated: July 5, 2018

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