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After discovering her husband has a secret life in organized crime, a wife must flee and stay in shelters.

Based on a true story

Kassie's career in Independent Filmmaking has started to flourish just as her husband's double life begins to deteriorate. Though he always seemed like a nice, friendly church-going husband - clues Kassie found throughout the marriage hinted of his more sinister character.

When in a rage and under the influence, he accidentally admits to killing six people, Kassie leaves her youngest daughter at a secret location and flees the state.

While she stays in a Domestic Violence Shelter and begins discussing her marriage with the Counselor, she faces things that happened and starts to investigate unsolved murders in Texas. Looking up dates when her husband acted suspicious, horrifying matches start to emerge and she discovers she is in more danger than she could have ever imagined.

When her oldest daughter who has entered a rehab homeless shelter to recover from drugs, calls and says she has been diagnosed with cancer, Kassie goes to Northern CA to stay with her, knowing this is a perfect place to hide from her husband and his "friends."

As Kassie seeks to help her daughter, she learns the ins and outs of the homeless system but is determined not to stay. Once her daughter no longer needs her she travels to Hollywood and starts at the bottom, working as an Extra. Her husband finds out she is getting regular work and becoming more successful and doesn't like it. He starts causing trouble with the divorce, forcing her to return to Texas.

Kassie continues her investigation. She finds out from her youngest daughter that her husband has used his charm to convince everyone they know that she is mentally I'll and the children are liars. Her daughter wants to leave the state with her when the divorce is final.

As she brings her daughter back to the New Mexico dv shelter, they begin to form a plan to start a new life. The shelter provides gas cards and they head to Portland, OR stopping to visit beautiful sites along the way.

Submitted: July 5, 2018
Last Updated: July 5, 2018

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The Writer: Susan Elaine Smith

Have been a part of professional Studio and Indie Film production for over 15 years, was a Journalist and Freelance Writer before that. Started writing scripts and loved it. Won Honorable Mention for "With Tool & Sword" in the Gideon international Screenplay Competition and wrote the original feature-length script for "The Road to Destiny" under a different title which was produced and accepted in Worldfest International Film Festival. Co- wrote "The Tricycle" shown in Little Rock Film Festival and now have 3 major budget scripts in top 2018 competitions. I specialize in well researched historical scripts that have amazing little known details. For this site however, I will place budget... Go to bio

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