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O.B.E (out of body experience)

A grief- stricken man discovers the gift of teleportation and is able to talk to his dead parents. Having wind of this the CIA recruits him with secret and sinister aspirations.



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After a tense dinner on the family’s matriarch, Noah suffers a violent road accident that kills his family. Besides him, the only survivor is the comatose Lena, the driver of the other car. Noah’s parents and brother turn into Ghosts. The shock allows Noah to summon the gift of teleportation, as he discovers he can communicate directly with his deceased family, as well as Lena, the comatose girl.
This gift soon piques the interest of Flint, a CIA agent, who wants Noah to undergo a top-secret experiment called Out of Body Experience (OBE), which has claimed the lives of numerous test subjects. Noah accepts. The tests Noah undergoes are conclusive. Flint must find out why.
In the spiritual realm, other Ghosts tell the dead parents that Noah’s gift must be used wisely, because his actions as a living man have a direct effect on their security. Flint asks Noah to locate a renowned drug kingpin named Tiago, who is in reality a former CIA agent who had been working with Flint on the OBE project. Flint launches a bloody assault on Tiago’s headquarters, but Tiago manages to elude his grasp. Unbeknown to Noah, his involvement in the deaths of innocent bystanders creates severe repercussions for Noah’s family. Ghostly information reveals to Noah’s parents and siblings that their gradual loss of their ethereal form will attract the Dark Evil – a force that possesses the power to subject its victims to a horrific second death.
Noah finds comfort through his visitations with the comatose Lena. A connection ensues. Noah discovers the inspiration to sever ties with Flint. But Flint knows Noah’s soft spot. Noah’s grandmother has a hard time dealing with the family issues, and the commotion weakens her.
Back home, Noah finds his grandmother in agony. She has been poisoned by Flint. Noah learns that to save his grandmother he must secure from Tiago the formula that will allow him to get out of his body. Unfortunately, Noah arrives too late. His grandmother dies. When the formula fails to work, Flint forces Noah to bring Tiago to him to assist with the experiments. With Tiago’s help, the experiment on Flint is a success. He finally acquires the same ability as Noah.
Flint gets rid of the evidence and burns the place where Tiago and Noah were held prisoner. However,
both men manage to escape. Flint offers to sell his discoveries to a Russian contact, but the contact refuses, calling him a traitor. Noah meets Flint for a final confrontation. Gunshots are exchanged. Noah and Flint both die during the fight, with Flint turning into a ghost and getting dragged away by the Dark Evil.
Though Noah travels with his parents to a luminous place for a brief moment, he is immediately hurled back to earth, where he is reanimated. Lena recovers and doesn’t remember anything about Noah, but strange circumstances bring them back together.

Submitted: October 10, 2020
Last Updated: April 13, 2021

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The Writer: wilfred cheng

Iaorana.... Hi my name is Wilfred Cheng. I am originally from Tahiti. I did all my school years in my wonderful island and had to exile myself from my paradisiacal environment to study in France because at that time universities were not yet available in Tahiti. I landed in the south of France, in Aix en Provence, where I studied law, English and Spanish literature. In the meantime, I did my military service teaching in a military high school that prepared students for Saint Cyr (a prestigious military school equivalent to West Point). I traveled a lot in Europe, then went to the US where I did an internship in Utah for my master's degree. I also moved around a lot there, passing through... Go to bio

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