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When two old women kill a homeless man to collect an insurance policy, they soon embark on revenge tour to rid their city of evil men and collect as much money as they can.



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DD, 70s, a cold beauty, can hardly make ends meet. She’s spending her golden years serving the homeless in a soup kitchen with her best friend JOELLE, 60s. DD reminisces the good old days when she was wooed by rich and elegant men, but regrets having married a womanizer who abused her and led her family into bankruptcy. Joelle still believes in the promise of the prefect soul mate, contrary to DD, who constantly rejects the advances of GUY DE LA FLEUR, the main food provider of the charity organization.
After an accident occurs at the kitchen, RON, 60s, a seducer, consoles Joelle and takes her home. Joelle offers to let him stay at her place in exchange of some renovation done around the house.
DD advises Joelle that she should turn her garage into a guesthouse and rent it instead. To change their minds, the broke Ron names DD and Joelle as beneficiaries of his life insurance policies. Joelle ends up sleeping with Ron, but he turns her life into hell. Joelle is so desperate that DD finds an opportunity to kill Ron by blowing up the guesthouse.
JORDAN, Ron’s party friend who works at the insurance company, finds the accident suspicious. DD and Joelle are now rich, but they keep a low profile.
One day, DD and Joelle meet two homeless guys with loathsome pasts, PAUL and OLLIE at the soup kitchen. Once the two women manage to accommodate them and get their life insurance policies, they arrange to kill them in the quirkiest way. With the pattern set, the money flows.
Meanwhile, Jordan is spying on DD and Joelle. He notices a new homeless man with the women, MAX, 70. Jordan warns Max about these two women without success. Max is different, he believes in spirituality and karma, he drags Joelle into a spiritual retreat, where she achieves extreme rapture. Joelle realizes that Max is the man that can give her balance and serenity. She progressively distances herself from DD, which makes DD sad. Joelle finally tells DD she wants to move in with Max. She also warns her that Jordan is on to them. Angered, DD expects things to get back to normal with Joelle if she can kill Jordan. DD poisons Jordan, but Jordan fights back, before finally dying.
DD is luckily found innocent, but she is shocked. Guy convinces DD that she should have a man by her side. DD accepts but doesn’t want any commitment. DD can hardly stand Guy’s arrogant behavior. One day, Guy chokes on a chunk of steak and DD lets him die. She finds out later that Guy has donated his whole fortune to the San Sebastian and left her two bottles of wine for consolation. At the end, DD meets Eleanor, a former cop, now a retiree. Eleanor wants to write a book about crooks. As they walk together, DD and Eleanor promise to meet again.
As for Joelle, she finally settles down in New Mexico with Max.

Submitted: October 8, 2020
Last Updated: April 13, 2021

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The Writer: wilfred cheng

Iaorana.... Hi my name is Wilfred Cheng. I am originally from Tahiti. I did all my school years in my wonderful island and had to exile myself from my paradisiacal environment to study in France because at that time universities were not yet available in Tahiti. I landed in the south of France, in Aix en Provence, where I studied law, English and Spanish literature. In the meantime, I did my military service teaching in a military high school that prepared students for Saint Cyr (a prestigious military school equivalent to West Point). I traveled a lot in Europe, then went to the US where I did an internship in Utah for my master's degree. I also moved around a lot there, passing through... Go to bio

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