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Jordan Hanchett has a 4.0 GPA, is a star basketball player, and is considered the "good child", but she harbors a serious illness that consumers her. Can she realize there's a cost to being perfect?

JORDAN HANCHETT, 17, has a lot on her plate. She gets perfect grades and is a star basketball player with the prospects of a scholarship. But Jordan finds being perfect is quite difficult.

Still reeling from her parents' divorce two years after the fact, Jordan is appalled when she learns her father, BILL HANCHETT, 40's, is having a child with his new wife. The same woman with whom he cheated on Jordan's mother. Her mother, LORI HANCHETT, 40's, is dating a doctor Jordan can't stand and she still insists on picking out Jordan's clothes. Her twin brother, CHRIS HANCHETT, 17, even beats up her crush, SCOTT PEMBROKE, 17, after he asks her to Homecoming, then ditches her for another girl.

Her best friends, MONICA ROSE, 17, and CARLA SUMMERS, 17, dismiss Jordan's feelings as being dramatic. So what is she supposed to do when all this stress gets overwhelming?

That's where the VOICE, comes in. It berates Jordan when she makes mistakes and praises her when she she does things right. This Voice leads her down the path to an eating disorder which, as Jordan becomes more and more entagled, gets harder and harder to hide.

The more weight she loses, the louder the Voice becomes. When her family and friends start noticing not only the physical change in her appearance, but in her personality, she has to resort to other means to hide her problem. All to maintain the illusion that she has everything under control.

But when she faints during one of her basketball games and is admitted to the hospital, she can no longer pretend everything's fine. Jordan can't admit she has a problem and will stop at nothing to stay perfect.

While everyone thinks she's getting better, Monica catches Jordan purging after a meal. Jordan threatens to reveal a secret if Monica tells anyone. But Monica's concern for her friend wins out . When Jordan's parents find out, they admit her to Hanover House, an eating disorder clinic.

Jordan is depressed and even begs her twin to sneak her out of the clinic. He refuses, telling her she'll die if she doesn't get well. Jordan insists that's what she wants.

At first, Jordan fights recovery, even as her body gets stronger, the Voice is determined to keep her under control. But after help from her thearpist, TONY VELUCCI, 50's, and a heated family therapy session where Jordan finally expresses her feelings and the support of her brother, she is on the road to recovery.

While the Voice is not entirely gone, it's much quieter on the day of her release from Hanover House. She admits she still struggles, but that she can handle it because she's made too much progress to return to that deep, dark place. She has people that care about her and love her and life has meaning again. She realizes that being perfect is an unattainable goal.

Submitted: August 12, 2018
Last Updated: August 20, 2019

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The Writer: Stefanie G

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