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The town on the edge of the final frontier



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Some technonerd person had a "eureka moment" and spent weeks writing up a really complicated algorithm/equation thing that meant travelling to other planets in just months, weeks or even days was possible.
A billionaire nerd financed the project and a few years later they launched a probe to Mars...

It was a success.

Duly emboldened they tried again and again they were successful.

Next they sent a probe to another planet outside of our solar system.

Over the next few years they launched over 100 probes to planets outside of the solar system - with a 62% success rate.

They went public, via the internet.

The governments of the world went ape shit and tried to shut down the project, or debunk it. They failed.

The world looked on in awe as a probe was launched, arrived at a planet and began mapping the planet's surface.

The oft touted mass suicides and riots that had been predicted would happen in this sort of situation didn't happen. Oh there were a few minor riots and some religious nuts topped themselves, but for the most part people took the whole idea really well and were excited about it!

Almost overnight the face of Earth's politics changed, governments crumpled, and people were happier.

Eventually the prospect of visiting or living on other planets became a thing. And inevitably it came to pass, people were able to leave Earth and travel to another Earth-like planet that had been mapped, scanned, probed and generally inspected and considered fit for human occupancy.

The planet - named Eden after a public vote (Planet McPlanetface was a close second), and somewhere in the northern hemisphere in a quiet corner of one continent is an 1800s style wild west frontier town was built.

And that's where we come in...

Submitted: March 1, 2017
Last Updated: March 1, 2017

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The Writer: S. E. McKendrick

Hello, and welcome to my bio, please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times Please pay attention as there will be a quiz which will count towards 80% of your grade at the end of the year. I was born. Then... * dramatic pause * ...I grew up. I taught myself how to type. I have no idea why, it seemed like a good idea at the time. In retrospect it was a good idea, as my handwriting is atrocious Then I started writing a novel, only that didn't work out too good, so I decided to write a film screenplay instead. It was about a Genie and was really really funny Sadly the only copy has been lost to the mists of time three house moves ago. Anyways, over the years, I have written... Go to bio

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