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A small village with a Big Bad secret.

The series follows the hapless James Farrington as he tries to come to terms with the bizarre reality that is his life now that he's come home to Rivermeade, which is populated with characters straight off the pages of a fairytale. There are fairies (who bite), dragons (that like beer), elves (who make shoes), pigs (who do all the construction work), bears (who run the guest houses with the comfiest beds and best porridge), a troll (who lives under the bridge and likes blueberry muffins), and an assortment of Other-kind creatures who keep the village and it's Five Star hotel ticking over.

The village having been transformed from a sleepy little hamlet into a popular-with-the-rich-and-famous golf, spa, equestrian hideaway retreat by the influx of refugees from the Kingdom of Zanitrea over thirty years ago following their flight into exile after the Evil Prince locked his father and twin brother in the dungeon and his mother and sister-in-law in a tower, and he kidnapped a mermaid, and there was a battle during which the Evil Prince killed his father while his mother, brother, sister-in-law, sorceress wife (who cursed the Royal Knights), the mermaid and a few hundred other Citizens of the Realm escaped his clutches via a portal to another Realm.

James is a Prince, as is his cousin Michael and they might just end up killing each other due to a curse that an evil sorceress placed on them when they were babies...

Submitted: March 1, 2017
Last Updated: March 1, 2017

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The Writer: S. E. McKendrick

Hello, and welcome to my bio, please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times Please pay attention as there will be a quiz which will count towards 80% of your grade at the end of the year. I was born. Then... * dramatic pause * ...I grew up. I taught myself how to type. I have no idea why, it seemed like a good idea at the time. In retrospect it was a good idea, as my handwriting is atrocious Then I started writing a novel, only that didn't work out too good, so I decided to write a film screenplay instead. It was about a Genie and was really really funny Sadly the only copy has been lost to the mists of time three house moves ago. Anyways, over the years, I have written... Go to bio

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