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A reluctant heir to a dark brotherhood discovers a monumental lie, which sets off a series of events that significantly alters his family's way of life.



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This is the pilot of a SIX-Part Limited Series.

Centuries after six men made a pact with a dark brotherhood cult called “The Order” (to gain world power and influence) their descendants now control world powers through ‘Covenants’ and ‘Terms’. They perform Terms every six months to maintain their way of life and Covenants to get rid of anyone in their way. No one has ever survived Covenants.

Almost all influential and powerful families on earth are members of The Order.

Taylor Zardain, only son and heir of the leader of ‘The Order’ has only one problem. No one bothered to tell him about The Order or that he’ll be expected to lead it some day. On his twenty-first birthday, he finds out that the brutal stories he’s heard since childhood were not just a dark time in his family’s past; but the way of life for members of ‘The Order‘.

With little choice (doesn’t want to disappoint his father), he is initiated into The Order.

His chance encounter with a stranger(who survives the Covenant) on his way to Term, forces him to question The Order, his place in the world and his destiny. Questions that will pit him against himself, The Order and painfully, his father.

Submitted: March 14, 2023
Last Updated: March 14, 2023

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The Writer: Inky Egwuenu

Inky Egwuenu is a screenwriter and author. Her work usually has elements of cultures that have influenced her life. Inky specializes in feature and TV blended dramas with female and BIPOC leads. Inky is also a businesswoman, “techie & trekkie”. She has been involved with the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) for over a decade and currently lives in Toronto, Canada. Go to bio

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