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Dane Lewis (19) is a local speedster who gets away in a televised police pursuit and then finds a way to cash in on it.



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Dane, a brash car thief, dreams of doing more with his life than running from the cops. Behind the wheel, no mistakes, no errors, he can't be caught, but in real life - the kind where people pay rent - he hits every pothole. He and his techie friend LM need to get out of Compton.

A chance meeting with an social network executive changes everything - Dane learns the power of publicity. Their discussion is interrupted by a swarm of kids who clammor around a nearby TV to watch a high-speed police pursuit -

Dane watches engrossed.

He throws out a question. What's the biggest problem with high-speed chases?

The guy always gets caught.

How much of a following would someone get, if they got away? And could that be turned ? With the helpof his techie friend, and after hijacking some of the code of Waze, a plan emerges.

Dane races through LA in a stolen car with a website address painted across the top for every helicopter to see, www.gridlock.com. The pursuit is captured by a web cam on Dane's dashboard, and fed directly to the site.

Fearless driving, combined with razor sharp reflexes keeps Dane ahead of the cops. He ends up at an airport parking garage. The cops arrive on the top level to see the car hitting a ramp and jumping toward the next garage. The car crashes into the side of the building, Fireball.

Dane was not in the vehicle. He hides in a nearby parked car. Dane's gofundme-like project reads: when private donations reach 5000 dollars, he will hit the streets again.

Dane brags that he can escape five times - but each timewill cost more 50,000, 500,000, and finally five million. It looks like the idea is going nowhere, 35 dollars trickles into the account. It is torture. Everyone thinks the driver dead. They're going to have to wait.

Dane is being evicted from his family house. A high-school crush, Laura, now a paralegal, serves him the paperwork.

That night Dane's house burns down. Driven by guilt, Laura helps Dane with his legal problems.

Laura walks Dane through the precinct when the announcement comes over the TV, the mystery driver is alive. A lawdog police captain, with a nose for cars, has discovered the. deception, he puts his men on alert.

Gofundme donations go through the roof. A band that wantsDane to play their music during the chase puts up $5,000. L.M. puts it on a flash drive and Dane lays rubber.

Dane uses police procedures against the cops in the chase. He gets away, but not before getting close enough to the police captain to make a recording that embarrasses the captain publicly. Now the hunt is personal.

Exposure explosion - everybody wants the single, money comes in from every outlet. Bookies, TV execs, car companies,all realize the power of what Dane's escapist (but real) trips offer the viewer, the bettor and the consumer.

Dane researches his next run. The journey leads him to the desert where he grew up. He even visits his estranged father (a drunk absent from his life since his brother's funeral), before hitting the road again.

Dane hijacks a semi-truck and has a close brush with about 1000 of LA's finest. With the money stacking up, he comes in conflict with L.M. about whether he should finish what he's started.

He thinks he's totally abandoned, and does what he always does: gets behind the wheel of a car and pushes the pedal all the way down. He feels the exhilaration, the freedom, but for the first time in his life, it's not enough.

Because of Dane, L.M. gets caught and Laura's life is in danger. Dane is forced into one more chase with everything on the line. And the worst part is that he knows that there's no way to outrun what he's up against. Dane has always wanted to do more than just run away from the cops; it's a good thing because on his final run, getting caught is part of the plan.

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Nicholl's semi-finalst

Submitted: July 2, 2022
Last Updated: December 28, 2022

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The Writer: Heather Maclean

Raised in Lockerbie, Scotland, then the Lake District, I grew up surrounded by literature and beauty. My inclination to travel took me across Europe to Japan and then to the States. There I married, have three kids (not so kiddish now), developed a love of ice hockey, and advanced my education and writing. I hold a doctoral degree in educational technology from Pepperdine University and I have taken many screenwriting classes officially and unofficially through UCLA Extension and CalArts (through my book-writing partner). I consistently receive positive feedback on my work and look forward to advancing my skills and writing career. Go to bio

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