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Facing repossession, a radio host borrows money and hires an assassin to kill HIMSELF in attempts to get double his money back if he survives the contacts 48 hour deadline.

JAMES REDSAND (20’s) lives in the Arizona desert, running a small radio station from the trailer he lives in. He has no advertisers, and he only has one regular caller – an old war vet, BILL SHRADER (70’s), who likes to talk about UFOs and the Deep Web – but he’s determined to make it work. But then his debts come calling: he still owes $10,000 on his trailer, and if he doesn’t pay it within the next 3 days, it will be repossessed. His parents are also about to cut him off, because they think he should be making use of the engineering degree he just earned and get a real job.

Curious about the Deep Web after learning about it from Bill, James checks it out and scans all the crazy sites on there, including one where assassination services are advertised. He notices there’s someone who guarantees that, for $25,000 in Bitcoins, they’ll kill the target within 48 hours, or you get double your money back. James goes to the local strip club, successfully avoiding his ex, AMY (20’s), to see her mom SANDY (40’s), the owner of the place. James asks Sandy for a loan of $25,000, even though her terms are that he must pay it back with 50% interest (rounding up to $38,000) within 3 days, or else suffer major consequences. James knows the terms, and agrees, telling her the money is for some online investments. She transfers the money online, and he immediately returns to his trailer to buy the $25,000 worth of Bitcoins and put in the hit on himself. But then, before he can go anywhere, BECKY (20’s), a waitress from the strip club, shows up to seduce him – and he passes out, from a tequila shot laced with muscle relaxant that Amy gave him before he left the club. Becky leaves him a note with her number and leaves.

The hitman ROLAND and his tech worker MALCOLM (30’s) get the message requesting the hit, and Roland takes off. When James wakes up, Roland is at his trailer door with a fake FBI badge, pounding to be let in. James narrowly escapes through his toilet, and rides his bike into town to Becky’s house. After rinsing him off in her shower (he stinks), and giving him clean clothes, Becky learns what’s going on when Roland shows up at her door with his FBI badge – then shoots James in the shoulder while they’re running out the back way. She convinces James to cancel the hit, so he tries calling Roland, but Roland refuses – he’s a professional, and won’t re-negotiate during the 48-hour hit period, even if James ordered the hit on himself.

James and Becky hide in an alley while she quickly gets supplies to remove the bullet from his shoulder (she studied to be a paramedic). Meanwhile, Roland searches James’ trailer and finds the note Becky left, with her number. He gives the number to Malcolm to put a trace on it. Using his FBI façade, Roland convinces some ELDERLY CITIZENS he’s offering a reward for James’ capture, and they coax him into their home with the promise of brownies before spraying them in the eyes with perfume. James and Becky are only able to escape when Bill shows up and rescues them. Realizing they now have to avoid townspeople who believe Roland’s FBI, and that they endanger anyone they stay with, James and Becky move around town from a house party (where they steal Amy’s car and cell phone), to a diner outside of town (where James meets his first potential advertiser, MARTIN), to Martin’s store and apartment.

After Sandy learns James left town, she sends her guys after him, and they catch him and Becky at Martin’s, bringing him to a biker bar she owns (and her to the strip club, passed out from being drugged). James manages to escape, but Roland abducts Becky from the strip club to bring her back to James’ trailer.

James arrives and manages to knock Roland out and rescue Becky. They run away, and Roland chases them until he’s arrested by the police for impersonating an FBI agent. Because he knows he’ll be arrested if Roland’s deal with him is found out by the police, James breaks him out of jail, negotiating for Becky’s and the officers’ safety. But he can’t get away fast enough before Roland catches him and points a gun to his head.

Roland's watch beeps signifying that the time had out on the contract. Roland scolds James for being so stupid then walks off. James and Becky make it back to his trailer and Roland refunds James the money, James pays off Sandy and his debt on his trailer, beds Becky, signs Martin as his first advertiser then unpacks all his radio equipment outside for the next show.

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Redsand Radio is an easy recommend. For a story filled with action, it could conceivably be produced for quite a low budget. The drama, the romance, and the extended chase keeps our characters in danger, struggling and succeeding to get out. We want our heroes to have happy endings, and they fight so hard to get them that we feel they are deserved, rather than guaranteed. If the run-on sentences in the action lines can be edited and refined, the action of the script will be clear and impactful. This script is a good time to read, and would surely be a good time to watch.


This is a great concept. As I stated in Opening Thoughts, the elements of the concept are all established early on and visually, without any forced emphasis. In other scripts, the audience can tell when they’re being delivered exposition, and they are taken out of the moment. In others still, they predict what’s going to happen and are in their heads instead of in their hearts. In Redsand Radio, the plot lead is hidden by the engaging characters, and once James puts the contract out on himself the enjoyable and dangerous consequences seem inevitable, but not predictable.This film will appeal to fans of action and thriller concepts, as well as the indie crowd that favors films about finding one’s purpose in life. The romantic subplots and the endearing struggle of these young characters rounds out the concept so t hat it is a pitch suitable for everyone, and attractive to many.

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