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A troubled young woman believes she's carrying the baby of the Devil.

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A troubled young woman believes she's carrying the baby of the Devil.

In today’s market, a drama needs to cut far more than skin deep to leave a genuine, lasting impression. Step forward Steven Clark; an author with an exceptional talent for telling tales. His latest effort - Rebecca’s Blue Sky - does all that... and more.

The pulsing heart of this story: the relationship between Steve and pregnant girlfriend Rebecca. Even though he knows the child she carries isn't his, the young man cares for Rebecca deeply, anyway.  She's confided in Steve about the horrific crime she endured.  All he wants to do these days is stay by her side and soothe her pain. 

But as the pregnancy and their relationship grow, it becomes quickly apparent Rebecca hasn't told her boyfriend everything. Hidden are evil, dark and damaging memories - eating at her fragile mind. 

Rebecca's messed up, and it shows. Incapable of intimacy with Steve, Rebecca instead spends her days visiting a mysterious headstone in a graveyard.  Exponentially, her erratic behavior grows. When she accuses a random stranger of a heinous act, Steve beats him up. But when he discovers the man is innocent, loyal Steve finally starts to pull away:


Steve sits at one end of a picnic table. He’s pissed. Rebecca sits at the other end. A car passes.

It looked like him.

Steve takes a drag of his smoke, but doesn’t speak.

I swear to God I thought it was him.

All right!


Steve turns on a flashlight. It illuminates his thin, anxious face as he ruminates about what he’s going to do.


A symphony of crickets in the dusk light. The beam from the flashlight wanders across the headstones.

There’s a small marker with a bouquet of flowers resting at its base. He shines the light on it.

What he finds leaves Steve lost and confused.  After all the lies he's heard, how can he stay with Rebecca any longer? But if he packs his bags and hits the road, will losing Steve be Rebecca's final straw? Can she fight her demons all alone?

As is true of all Clark's work, Rebecca’s Blue Sky is written with impeccable style, pacing, and characterization that will linger long in your mind. This subject's no easy read - but this short's a work of painful art, nonetheless. 

If you’re looking for a poignant drama for your next project, then make sure to read Blue Sky. This one will make you option it... and cry.

Review by Cam Gray
Submitted: July 23, 2018
Last Updated: July 23, 2018

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The Writer: Steven Clark

A writer since 13, I began screenwriting four years ago as a more direct outlet for my creativity. Since then, I've had two short scripts produced, and two more optioned. My writing style is subtle and understated, yet powerful in its emotional simplicity. I'm currently collaborating on a thriller feature -- and there's more to come. Much more. I can be reached at Go to bio

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