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Remotely Possible

A renowned scientist, bitterly estranged from his onetime protege, is both forced and coerced to rekindle the relationship in an effort to save his young daughter who suffers life threatening episodes of spontaneous Remote Viewing.



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In 1970, U.S. intelligence sources believed the Soviet Union was spending 60 million rubles annually on “psychotronic” research, producing results. Not to be outdone, in 1978 the CIA initiated a program later known as The Stargate Project. Stargate was the code name for a secret U.S. Army unit to investigate the potential for psychic phenomena known as Remote Viewing and was used in military and domestic intelligence applications.

The International Remote Viewing Association defines Remote Viewing as: “A mental faculty that allows a perceiver (a “viewer”) to describe or give details about a target that is inaccessible to normal senses due to distance, time, or shielding; or a viewer might describe an event that happened long ago; or describe an object sealed in a container or locked in a room; or perhaps even describe a person or an activity; all without being told anything about the target--not even its name or designation.”

Natasha is a six year old onetime alien abductee who starts experiencing dangerous Remote Viewing episodes, enabling her to see past and future since her mother's violent murder a year ago. Her father, William, is a renowned scientist who regards his former academic passion, Remote Viewing, as pseudoscience. But Natasha has begun to “see” details about her mother's violent death of which William has so carefully protected his daughter from knowing. This, coupled with an episode at school that left her forgotten on the playground, sends William into a panic.

Fearing for Natasha's well-being, William's search for answers brings him full circle with his estranged business partner and former protege, Jeff, when they cross paths in a private chat room for several scientists. Without the benefit of what Jeff calls a “natural” Remote Viewer, in the years since their estrangement, he went on without William to build a Remote Viewing empire housed in a mysterious Dome structure in Silicon Valley. But not a day goes by that Jeff doesn't fantasize about finding such a naturally gifted viewer, and now here she is—Natasha, and William too!—virtually his captives because of the Dome's unique capability to selectively shield her from her visions. William would do anything for Natasha, yet the old grudge William bears Jeff continues to simmer, while Jeff's attentions are split between how to exploit his new Dome guests and his desire to reconcile with his wife. Jeff assigns Heinrich, a Remote Viewer, to locate his wife. Young Heinrich is reluctant to tell Jeff about what he’s discovered. When asked by Jeff as to a status update, Heinrich blurts out, “It seems she’s gay!” Jeff refuses to believe it and heads to Los Angeles to pay a visit to his wife.

When Florence, Natasha's new teacher/nanny, finds a strange bump that's appeared on Natasha's back since arriving, we realize the Dome can't protect Natasha from everything such as recognizing Heinrich, the Viewer she saw in one of her visions. In that vision Heinrich only saw a shimmering and mysterious blue light surrounding her. Practically a savant, Heinrich's fellow viewer and new girlfriend, Ruth, for now, thinks little more of Natasha than a play-date for Ruth's younger brother, Owen. Not even the brilliant Shawndra, the new office manager, whose academic interests include using Remote Viewing for space exploration (search for intelligent life)—notices anything strange when she hires Chris, the religious zealot responsible for Natasha's mother's murder, who tracks William and Natasha to Silicon Valley and is hired on at the Dome as a Remote Viewer. What isn’t known about Chris, at this point, is that he is a Spy for the CIA working in coordination with the FBI. He is there to gather intelligence about William’s wife’s former fiance who heads up a terrorist group in Afghanistan.

William meets up with Doctor who shows him the X-ray and points out the “bump” appears to have a tail that appears to be entangled with the spine. The Doctor refers him to Surgeon. That evening William researches spinal tumors but actively avoids malignant tumors.

Does the Dome protect Natasha, then, or is she its prisoner? Whether the Blue Light, or the Dome—something surely seems to be bringing these particular people together around this gifted little girl, forced to live out her childhood in relative isolation amid the conflicting agendas of those whose work may or may not have anything to do with the Dome's real purpose.

EP 2

William meets with the Surgeon to go over the scans. The Surgeon tells him it isn't a growth or anything organic—it's been implanted and it may be inoperable as it's entangled with the spine. With new insights into the nature of the growth, William and the Surgeon agree to wait while keeping a close eye on the growth's behavior. Ruth and Heinrich take their relationship to the next level. It's awkward—they're both virgins. Jeff assigns a top secret case to both Heinrich and Ruth. The assignment involves a Senator and his missing daughter who is bipolar. Heinrich is to find the boyfriend and Ruth to find the daughter; boyfriend and daughter may or may not be together. Chris, the new hire, continues his training for space exploration, while seeking every opportunity for reconnaissance on Natasha. We learn that Natasha's mother was once betrothed to an Afghani terrorist, but upon making this discovery, she had severed ties with him (and with her own family) by fleeing Afghanistan. William and Chris hit it off and the two meet up in the cafeteria regularly. Chris has father issues. A father/son relationship is developing between he and William, sending Chris's loyalties into conflict.

EP 3

Natasha and Owen are in Natasha's room playing a game with Natasha's unseen friends only she can hear. She and Owen think up questions that Natasha herself could not know how to answer (like the color of Owens's socks). She consults the unseen friends and viola! –she can provide the correct answer. Surgeon checks the bump on Natasha's back; it has changed shape. He would like to perform more tests, but Natasha would have to leave the Dome. William needs time to think about it. Jeff arrives at his estranged wife's house in Los Angeles. No one's home. He sits in his car and seethes. He likes things his way. Heinrich and Ruth are assigned to a “top secret” case. Find a Senator's daughter who is bi-polar. She may or not be with her “loser” boyfriend thus Heinrich to find the boyfriend; Ruth to find the daughter. The boyfriend is verbally abusive as they drive on a lonely highway in Arizona. He wants all the cash she has. She won't give him any money. He threatens her. Scared she pulls a bottle of pills out of her purse and swallows a mouth full. Boyfriend continues the abusive talk, slaps her when she grows unresponsive. She passes out. He pulls over and realizes she's dead. He drags her body into the desert and makes a feeble attempt to bury her and speeds away in his truck. Shawndra alerts the police and notifies the Senator.

EP 4

Jeff is still at his wife's house waiting when a car pulls into the driveway. He watches his wife and another lady enter the house. He waits a bit then knocks on the door. The other lady answers, won't let Jeff see his wife. He is fit to be tied. William and Shawndra cozy up to each other. A romance is blooming. Chris's first test assignment is to remote view any planet within the solar system. He chooses Europa, Jupiter's moon. He's astounded by what he sees. He's enjoying his new life working at the Dome, until a coded message comes through and he leaves the Dome, only to be screamed at by someone on the other end of his call for taking so long to get something done. Sobered, he won't make the same mistake again. Heinrich is assigned a case to find a lost dog. He doesn't realize the woman who lost her dog is a famous actress. Ruth finds it hilarious and offers to do it for him. She shows him pics of the beautiful actress. He decides he can do it after all. He finds the dog. Shawndra and William flirt with each other and plan to go out to dinner, but Natasha's negative reaction seeing her father with another woman causes William to abruptly cancel their date, leaving Shawndra hurt and second-guessing herself. Jeff returns in a foul mood.

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From Screencraft: Overall, this script is in great shape. It's excellent material for a series, with conflicting characters, a strong emotional core, and plenty of ground that can be covered in more depth across multiple seasons

From the Blacklist: This is a captivating, grounded sci-fy story that hooks the viewer by introducing them to the world of remote viewing and all the mystery it holds.There are stark, vivid visuals throughout, especially in the remote viewing sequences. Contest Finalist in Stage 32 TV Writing Contest.

Submitted: July 27, 2019
Last Updated: July 30, 2019

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