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A post nervous breakdown lawyer, now enjoying a life centered around therapy, golf and his two friends, becomes a stay at home dad to his college bound kids when his ex-wife returns to work.

The ten episode season focuses on a six week time span in the life of JAY SHAPIRO. Eight years after he and ELLEN SHAPIRO went through a bitter divorce, they are back, living together trying to make things work. Jay, coming off a business related nervous breakdown, is embracing the life of early retirement while Ellen runs the house…until she decides its time to give up her role as stay at home mom and returns to her old job after a 13 year absence.

Jay agrees to become a stay at home dad to slacker high school senior JACOB SHAPIRO and high school junior FELICE SHAPIRO, forcing him to balance the kids, school and Ellen against his post breakdown lifestyle of therapy, playing golf and smoking pot. Making matters more confusing are his two best friends, FRED RUDNICK, a soon to be second time divorcee and Jay’s golfing partner, who’s afraid this new arrangement will cut into their hanging out time and more importantly, interfere with their chances of finally avoiding yet another last place finish in the club championship; and GARY STERN, a pot head, middle school teacher who thinks the stay at home dad life will be great for Jay, because he always knows someone who knows someone who’s had the same experience and it’s worked out for them. Despite his calm exterior, his new friend, STEVE SMITH, the college guidance counsel and softball coach at the high school, turns out to be the craziest of the bunch. In addition to these differing points of view, Jay continues to try and get his life back in order with the help of his therapist, BRENDA LEVINE, the one person in the world who knows everything, well almost everything, about him.

While Jay navigates the home, Ellen returns to the workforce supported by her best friend, and boss, SANDY SHERMAN as they confront DANIEL KOSS, the new hot shot in the company who is opposed to hiring a woman who has been a stay at home mom for 13 years and isn't happy about the old guard returning.

Between college applications and pot and work and pot and keeping up the house and pot and school and pot and golf and pot and a ball infection and pot and therapy and even more therapy, the next six weeks is going to be a bumpy ride.

Submitted: September 10, 2018
Last Updated: September 11, 2018

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The Writer: Adam Brauer

In a nutshell, I'm a Virgo, have appeared on two game shows, had Nancy O'Dell scream out my name on the Red carpet, started a company, started another company, slept in the lobby of Brussels Airport, played in the World Series of Poker, spent seven years practicing law, was a salesman at Crazy Eddies, drove a limo, worked in a warehouse shipping dresses, was a celebrity escort and oh yeah, did some work in TV where I got nominated for two Emmys. These days I spend my time as a stay at home dad with two kids in college writing scripts and recording a podcast. I have completed two screenplays and a pilot for an off network sitcom. Go to bio