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Ruby's Opal

A downtrodden factory worker and dope-dealing chopper pilot become best friends in the opal fields of Australia trying to get rich as fast as possible, failing dismally at everything they try, except falling in love.



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This low-budget, romantic comedy is about the hard-working Ruby who wins Power ball. She works in a meat factory in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. Her co-workers claim shares in the prize money because they all chipped in for the entry ticket that won. Ruby figured she owned the prize as most of the co-workers still owed her for the ticket. The court saw it all differently.
So, Ruby took off to seek her fortune on The Gold Coast, Queensland. Here, she managed to lose everything to a scoundrel scammer. So, humiliated and broke, she heads to the outback opal fields of Australia, to make her fortune, again. And start her life over, again. By now she has hardened up and is done with men. She is on a mission to get enough to set herself up in a nice Bed and Breakfast on the coast, somewhere.

But while opal mining, she becomes best friends with Stanley. He’s a well-meaning, dope-dealing chopper pilot. Stanley’s excellent gardening skills have developed a crop that upsets the local crime boss. Stanley is stealing all his customers. Stanley must fly back to Sydney to escape the local crime boss. After Stanley has left, Ruby upsets a couple of old-school opal miners. She has been digging into their claim, maps are hard to read thirty meters underground. They are very angry and she must take off in a hurry too. She heads for Sydney and her best friend Stanley, he’ll put her up for a little while.

Since coming to Sydney Stanley has lost his chopper. He missed a few repayments on the loan while in the opal fields. It was repossessed as soon as he got into Sydney, looking for charter work. However, Ruby soon turns up and they focus on making a heap of fast cash. While Ruby and Stanley try every "get rich quick" option they can find, all the people from their past are tracking them down. The pair duck and weave the bad guys while going for one last prize. They stumble across an online competition for the craziest stunt ever. The prize is a million dollars in cryptocurrency.

To get the chopper back and fly an amazing crazy stunt over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, they need to get all the people chasing them off their tails ASAP. They decide to set up all the bad guys in a police raid, while they are off winning the crazy stunt competition. Of course, they lose everything when their million-dollar cryptocurrency prize money, dives in value overnight, as crypto often does.
And then, back at square one, despite all their resistance, the walls finally come down, and they hit the jackpot. They fall in love. Also, Ruby has been hiding a huge opal she dug up in the mines, for a rainy day.

It’s a happily-ever-after story about two best friends who overcome the odds to make their dreams come true.

It is “Pineapple Express” meets “When Harry Met Sally” - A low-budget romantic comedy.

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Ruby’s Opal is an enjoyable script that has clearly gotten stronger from draft to draft, and will likely get even better as the writer continues to work on it. Much has been done to flesh out the character’s backstories, and there’s much more emotional attachment and rooting interest for the characters on the part of the reader/audience. There are many commercial elements at play here, too – from the strong female co-protagonist to the low-budget, to the mixed-genre aspects – it’s just a fun and enjoyable piece of screenwriting that feels doable. The biggest production element is all the stuff with the chopper, but there’s a way to get that done and not break the bank. But as the writer continues to work on this project, one definitely gets the sense that the script will continue to grow in surprising ways. Just remember to stay true to the central conceit and not get too off track with any side detours and plot developments. Right now, it all very much works in the same way that the first draft did, but it just “feels” a lot more smooth and more professional. Keep up the solid work and keep moving in this direction on all fronts!

Nick Clement 
Variety Magazine

Submitted: December 20, 2022
Last Updated: March 7, 2023

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The Writer: Darrell Giles

Me in a nutshell. During my first ten years of working life, I had 45 jobs. I wanted to save up enough cash to make a movie. I didn’t. I decided to focus. For the past 27 years, I’ve been a stand-up comedian and will keep doing this until I get it right. Recently, I completed courses at the Australian Film Television and Radio School in screenwriting and directing. I aim to start a streaming service or sell a screenplay, whichever comes first. And here is the list 1993 – Acting for screen – Gala Studios 1994 to 2002 – Wrote produced and directed short films – “I’m Laughing”, “Dean’s Pig Tale”, “Dark Mist of Death”, “Local Legends”, and “Man with Attitude”. 1996 - I started my Stand-up... Go to bio