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An introvert uses the power of social media to gain the attention of his old high school mates by faking a terminal illness.

One morning, high schooler Levi Gimbernard woke up with the intention to kill himself that
evening. But fate threw him a curveball when a jock and a princess by the name of Simone and
Derek befriend him thus sparking a resurgence in his existence.

Flash forward, twenty years later. Simone and Derek are nowhere to be found. Levi, divorced
and down on his luck, contemplates suicide again. But after seeing the success of others
garnering attention for their fatal illnesses on social media, Levi decides to press pause on that
plan. Instead, he fictionalizes an illness on Facebook to help bring the attention he desperately
desires in hopes to reconnect with his two long lost friends.

San Fran is the story of confronting your internal demons while at the same time reminiscing
with some old friends and dwelling in nineties nostalgia.

Three short films that lead up to the feature of San Fran.
Submitted: February 6, 2018
Last Updated: February 6, 2018

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The Writer: Ricardo Amell

Ricardo Amell is a film veteran with over 15 years of experience in both corporate and narrative storytelling. He is a graduate from University of Houston with a passion for making films with interesting characters and authentic dialogue. His films are centered around the philosophy of giving the audience characters they can emotionally relate to and invest their time in. Ricardo Luis’s repeatedly states “Audiences will believe any world exist as long as the characters that live in that world feel human emotions”. Inspiration for his most recent work stems from a painful divorce. Like many of the characters in my stories, Ricardo Luis once also had to struggle with depression and finding... Go to bio