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An actress in a haunted attraction discovers the joys and horrors of falling in love after meeting a charismatic opportunist.



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In the shadows of Orlando's theme parks resides Terror at Skull Manor, a year-round haunted attraction in downtown Orlando. A comedic journey of quarter-life angst arises in 1995 when Zoey, a young actress smack in the middle of her 20’s lands her first acting gig, where she falls way too hard and way too fast for an irresistible and opportunistic coworker.

When one relationship begins another is lost when they learn of the sudden closure of their other great love-their haunted house. It is the shared love and loss of their home to corporate interests that ultimately unites this group forever.

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WINNER-Best Dark Comedy Feature Screenplay@Austin After Dark Film Festival 2019
Green Light Award of Excellence-Dark Comedy@Die Laughing Film Festival 2020
Honorable Mention@Los Angeles Reel Film Festival 2020
Honorable Mention@Los Angeles Movie Awards 2020
Nominee Best Screenplay-Shockfest Film Festival 2020
Finalist-Screenplay Festival 2020
Official Selection- Hollywood Blvd. Film Festival 2020
Official Selection-San Pedro International Film Festival 2020
Official Selection-Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes 2020
Nominated for Best Feature Screenplay-LA Live Film Festival 2019
Best Dark Comedy Feature Screenplay Nominee- Houston Comedy Film Festival 2019
Finalist/Nominee-Las Vegas Film and Screenplay Competition 2019
Official Selection/Nominee-Glendale Film Festival 2019
Best Dark Comedy Feature Screenplay Nominee- Women's Comedy Film Festival Atlanta 2019
Best Dark Comedy Feature Screenplay Nominee-Austin After Dark Film Festival 2019
Nominee Best Unproduced Screenplay-Orlando Film Festival 2019
Semi-Finalist Flicker's Rhode Island Film Festival 2019
Semi-Finalist Stage 32 Feature Screenplay Competition
Official Selection/ Nominee-Sherman Oaks Film Festival for Unproduced Screenplay 2018

"I enjoyed how you pay homage to the setting by peppering jump scares throughout the script." - Dyllan Fernandez, Script Consultant

"I enjoyed reading this because of the nostalgia factor-it brought me back not only to the city I grew up in, but my mindstate when my world revolved around stupid boys." - Jamie Jessup, Script Consultant

Feedback from BlueCat Screenplay contest:
It’s not often said, but a story’s setting is one of the most important decisions to be made when sitting down to write a script. On its surface, Scareactor is a simple story about a young woman trying to figure her way through emotional relationships, but it’s the setting of her job at a haunted house that makes this stand out as something unique. It’s a familiar sort of story with a main character, Zoey, that is easy to root for, but it’s her environment and her job that allows this sort of narrative to feel fresh. The story utilizes the haunted house environment to create unique situations that couldn’t play out anywhere else. This sort of workplace romance would play out differently if Zoey was working at a grocery store, and that shouldn’t be overlooked. The setting is a character here. That’s solid work.

Scareactor is also a story infused with youth, which is vital considering that it’s a story about young people. It feels genuine and not forced. It’s real. Zoey and Jeannie’s conversation on the paddle boat on pages 64 and 65 is a good example of this. The location of the conversation, a swan-shaped paddle boat, might feel big and movie-ish, but they’re talking like real people and what they’re talking about means something to both them and the story. This is probably the best-written scene in the script. It’s structured well, where the conversation is designed to appear meandering but actually has focus and is building to something, and it’s engaging on multiple levels. It’s funny, character-driven, and it pushes the plot along, queuing up future scenes and choices. When Zoey says, (her line) at the end of the scene the audience can laugh and sympathize. No other scene in the script allows us to see what’s under Zoey’s surface as well as this one.

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Submitted: July 3, 2017
Last Updated: March 5, 2023

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The Writer: Kim Donovan

I've been involved in the industry mostly as an actor, but have always enjoyed creative writing as well, and received a minor in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida (B.A. in Theatre). A feature I'm currently trying to find a producer for: ScareActor, a quarterlife dramedy that is inspired from some of my experiences working in professional year-round haunted attractions while searching for love in my 20's. I'm also seeking key team members: director, cinematographer, "Name" actors and more who have solid IMDB credits, so if you find this project of interest please message me and if it's a good fit, then we can talk more. I'm in Los Angeles so prefer those who live in the... Go to bio

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