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A young woman moves into a London apartment haunted by two brothers who in a case of mistaken identity believe she is their lover from long ago.

“Scarlett’s Ghosts” is a story of sibling rivalry -- hate and redemption played for laughs. In London, in the late 1700s, two spoiled aristocratic young men fall in love with beautiful Cassandra Bailey. Thomas was her betrothed and older brother Martin was carrying on an affair with her. The triangle turned ugly with a bloody to-the-death sword fight in their grand home, Hamilton House. They haunt the halls, fighting and hurling outrageous insults at each other ‘round the clock.

Present day London. Fashion photographer Scarlett Cameron is in an on-again off-again relationship with boorish advertising copywriter Devin Whitcomb. Over drinks with BFF Alice and her fiancé Simon, she decides to finally call it quits after finding naked selfies of Angela, Manufactured Boobs” Benson on his phone. Maybe not. She relents.

They decide a new apartment would help the relationship and with Devin’s approval she looks for a new place. She’s on every rental site with no good results. She gets a text from rental agent, Mr. Patel. With moral support from Alice, they go for a look see at Hamilton House. This is love at first sight - her dream home.

Alice notices a portrait of the object of the on-going supernatural war. She announces to Scarlett. “She looks exactly like you.” Scarlett is the doppelganger of Cassandra. But she just doesn’t see it. The boys do. “It’s Cassandra. “
Scarlett and Devin move in, and the boys are determined to get rid of Devin. They invade Devin’s dream creating a nightmare, sending him off into the night without peep or goodbye.

Scarlett doesn’t call him, because at last, this may be the end. She has her housewarming. After 3 days absence, Devin shows at the party. The boys help him make a fool of himself with a few spilled drinks. Scarlett finally summons the courage and eighty sixes him. Devin has two problems. He is tasked with a do or die ad campaign for a bra and he’s lost his girl friend.

Scarlett comes home to find the furniture rearranged. Certain her space has been violated, she calls Alice. When a lamp suddenly moves, they’re convinced the place is haunted. Alice suggests they call psychic, Hermes Brown. She has it on good authority from Cassia Wentworth that he‘s the best. Hermes has a day job driving a black cab.

Hermes is a Rastafarian who practices his religion with great quantities of weed. Since his wife’s death he’s lost the ability to see ghosts. He’s raising a precocious violin playing 9 year old girl, Sara who has inherited the Brown psychic gift.
Hermes shows up with a huge doobie - - toking his way around the place and faking it.

Hermes concludes he must return on the full moon. He shows up with Sarah, “difficult to find a baby sitter.” She’s swept up in the boys’ electrically charged vortex connecting with them in a special way.

Around a hot cup of chocolate, Hermes confesses, he’s lost the gift, but Sara has it. She explains to Scarlett that her ghosts are in love with her. They call her Cassandra. Now Scarlett must see them.

Hermes explains there is a way. He organizes an event to photograph the ghosts at the next full moon. He hires the foremost authority on ghost photography. Sara says there is going to be a surprise and she means it. As Hermes summons the ghosts, Devin barges in looking for the party, creating chaos. This time he’s chased by a horde of Hamilton House spirits.

Scarlett and her model posse go to the hippest new club, a former morgue, called The Tombs. The boys feel it’s their duty to go along to protect her from the beasts of the night. Devin and new girlfriend Angela hit the same club.
The boys find two good looking guys and take over their bodies, then in their courtly way argue over who dances with Scarlett first. Jealously rears its head and they get belligerent. Martin calls Scarlett Cassandra causing a wild melee. She faints. Devin runs to her rescue. The boys once again take Devin out with solid punches knocking his lights out.

Meanwhile Devin in the depths of despair is nursed by Angela. She tells him to believe in himself. He has an epiphany. The “Believe Bra” is born. He calls Scarlett to shoot a campaign and she’ll do anything to get rid of him at this point. With Angela in a Believe Bra, the “Believe in your selfie” campaign goes over big. Devin gets the new girl and saves his job.

The boys are driving Scarlett crazy. She meets Hermes at the London Zoo for a heart to heart where Sarah plays classic music for her favorite elephant. Hermes explains there’s only one way to solve her problem -- bring all parties together.
They go sleuthing for Cassandra’s life at a church where birth records are kept. They discover Cassandra entered God’s service, becoming a nun in Ireland.

Hermes gets Scarlett, Alice and Sara and her violin with the boys snugly in a bottle, genie style, into his cab and they head for the Ireland ferry. They find the ancient grown over ruins of Cassandra’s church and the cemetery discovering her tombstone.
In the crumbling sanctuary, Sara sees a spirit kneeling at a pew. She queries the ghost. It’s Cassandra doing penance for her past. The boys are set free. They go to Cassandra as she morphs from an old nun to a beautiful young woman. At the moment, before uniting, Martin steps away allowing the eternal bond between Thomas and Cassandra come full circle. They become one in fiery union ascending as Sara plays her violin.

Martin goes to Scarlett and with a kiss, “Thank you, Scarlett,” then disappears. Weeks later, after Alice and Simon’s wedding, Scarlett mentions missing her ghosts to Sara who suggests that she may not have seen the last of Martin. FADE TO BLACK

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Oaxaca Filmfest
Oaxaca, Mexico
September 8, 2016
Official Selection

TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival
Glasgow, Scotland
March 31, 2017

Filmmatic Film Awards Season 2
Los Angeles, CA
September 15, 2017

Red Corner Film Festival
Bergholm, Sweden
August 25, 2017
Best Script

Siricusa, Italy
August 5, 2017
Best Supernatural Script

Feel The Reel International Film Festival
Glasgow, Scotland
April 30, 2017
Runner up Best Screenplay

Cannes Screenplay Contest
Cannes, France
April 10, 2018
Award Winner

Submitted: May 2, 2018
Last Updated: May 20, 2018

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The Writer: Robert Cole

Robert is a Michigan native, growing up in the Detroit suburb of Warren, and is a graduate of Adrian College. His travel experience with extended stays in Spain, Argentina and Mexico have shaped his global perspective on storytelling. Robert is a self-taught writer and his screenplays have received over 94 international official selections and awards. His internationallly acclaimed screenplay, "The Chessmaster, The Artist, The Priest and The Gypsy" is included on the 2017 Golden List. Check out my Filmfreeway Profile. Go to bio
Agency: Reve Agency
Agent: Alexandra Maramenides

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