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A teenage boy's dark dreams connect him with a strange girl after moving to a small town that hides the secrets to his family's past.

Cody Daniels is a sixteen-year-old boy living in Seattle, Washington. When his mother moves him and his younger sister back to her small, isolated hometown on the Olympic Peninsula, his world starts to take a dark turn.

Cody's unsettling dreams focus on a group of mysterious hooded figures and a strange, beautiful girl. Every piece of his life seems to be part of a dark conspiracy that he can't escape. He meets a girl at his new school that seems to be the girl from his dreams, only in real life she's socially awkward and bullied by her classmates. As the dark forces in his dreams start to bleed into real life, he feels himself being drawn closer to her.

Cody's mother unwillingly faces her troubled past and is forced to confront the terrible events that made her run away eight years before.

To save her son, she has must face her deepest fears. If she doesn't, she'll lose him the same terrible way that she lost her husband eight years earlier.

Submitted: October 3, 2016
Last Updated: October 18, 2018

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The Writer: Ryan A. Herring

I'm an indie filmmaker living in Port Angeles, WA. I have a few spec scripts available, and I'm always working on new projects in a variety of capacities. I'm an experienced cinematographer and editor as well as being a writer and director. I starting writing for my own productions after switching from documentary/event filmmaking into narrative filmmaking. My goal is to be able to write and direct my own original work. I prefer to write/direct long form dramatic series and feature films, but I'm also working on short films and web series as well. I grew up in the small town of Homer, Alaska. I have always lived in rural areas. I love the outdoors and enjoy hiking, fishing, snowboarding,... Go to bio

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