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Justin is suicidal. Sky is a quirky thief. Strangely, love happens and the power of love may be able to save a life.

Synopsis: Justin, a young man troubled by the recent murder of his little brother lives a life of extreme regret as he plummets to his lowest. After three failed suicide attempts he suddenly meets quirky and eccentric Sky who forces her way into his dark existence. Slowly and gradually, she begins to change his perspective; allowing him to come to terms with his loss. Only after she makes him fall for her, he learns that his new found reason to live has secrets of her own.

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There were actors attached but its past their letter of intent limitation.

Crowdfunding Video 2014

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The Writer: Rafael Gutierrez

Rafael was born on July 30, 1988 to a Mexican father and an African American mother in Atlanta, Georgia. He was introduced to film making with a start in acting at a young age where he starred in all the school plays in elementary school. By the 5th grade he realized his true passion was directing. His dad bought him a video camera in 6th grade and he has been making short films ever since. It wasn't until his last year in high school when he was pushed into screen writing by his video production teacher who told him that no one was going to let him direct their script in which they are passionate about. She told him he had to write his own. So then on he created dynamic stories to place... Go to bio