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Sleeping With Fishes

Two goodfellas row a boat into the middle of the lake - will both of them make it back to shore?



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Two wise guys.
A dead guy in a bag.
A lot of unanswered questions on their (and our) minds.
That’s a set of dark ingredients that makes for a very uncomfortable late night boat trip...
In Dave Troops’ gritty mafia tale Sleeping With Fishes, underlings Jimmy and Harry just have one job:
Offload an inconvenient body into a watery abyss.
Now, one should never toss trash just anywhere.
That’s taking care of business, amateur style.
No: the Boss specifically wants this corpse at the bottom of a lake. And we’re not talkin’ the shallow end.
This cadaver’s going deep; it’s a big, bold lake out there. And – while loyal - our hoods are none too happy. Who would be, rowing around on such a cold foggy night?
To top it off, one of these goons may well have a deeper motive in mind.
The kind of motive that leads to awkward conversations about missing money – while one’s rickety boat cruises through several hundred feet of ice…
Can these two work it out? Or will there be more than one man overboard?
You a fan of Quentin Tarantino? Goodfellas? Sopranos? Scarface?
Then listen up carefully. Sleeping With Fishes serves up a darkly comic crime drama – complete with slick dialogue, engaging characters and a tense narrative in a confined space to drive this story to the point of no return.
Pages: 9
Budget: Potentially low - two characters, one boat and some minor gunplay. Access to a boat (or two) is key to getting this just right. Worried about rocking that boat? Just think out of the box. Creative angles can pull this one off without much expense or fear of getting wet.

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Submitted: September 9, 2016
Last Updated: February 1, 2018

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The Writer: David Troop

Dave Troop began writing as soon as he could hold a No. 2 pencil. In 2012, he discovered the beauty and the challenge of the five page screenplay while writing short scripts for and Simplyscripts. Dave continues to write and review short scripts for Script Revolution and Shootin' The Shorts. He currently is working on a few features and a TV pilot, and plans to take Hollywood by storm. Well, not really storm. More like a light sprinkle. Dave was born on the mean streets of Reading, PA, but currently lives in the comatose town of Schuylkill Haven where he is a proud grandfather, a father of two, and a husband of one. Go to bio

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