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After escaping the snow, an idyllic childhood dramatically comes to an end -- in many ways.

Disclaimer: This is a dishonest catharsis. Consequently, it is not for everyone.

What fuels the ambition of powerful people? Is it possible to recapture the essence of lost childhood?

This is the tale of a man and his son, snowbound in a secluded cabin. A childhood ends once it becomes apparent that things are not as they first appear.

Production: This requires three actors. The main production constraint is that of a snowy wilderness, including a cabin. The scene involving the juxtaposition of Bo and the globe and nurse will require the use of Green Screen/Chroma Key, and some related set construction.

Suggested music to accompany the read: "Anthem" by Emancipator

(It would be more fun for you to read the following having already read the script)
Despite Orson Welles' public denial, Citizen Kane was obviously loosely based on the life of the newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. The outlandish estate, Xanadu, was inspired by Hearst Castle, in turn inspired by the expansive Mar-a-lago (is it no coincidence Xanadu is in Florida!) So it comes full circle. President Trump has stated multiple times that Citizen Kane is his favorite film.

This Script Has Been Reviewed By Shootin' The Shorts

Atmosphere, that's something I want to talk about here. It can be a hard task to deliver through words but Ra Inta turns that white expanse of page space into a snowy wilderness so vivid it will have you reaching for a coat. We open on a juxtaposed mixture of gritty wood chopping and a child (Charley) sledding, getting more and more reckless while protected by the guidance of his wise father (Bo).

We quickly learn that this is a father and son trapped in the conditions of their world with nothing but a cabin for comfort - a home that's absent of a mother.

Dad, how much longer are we going 
to be here?

Once it stops snowing, son. Once it 
stops. We’ll be all right.

Hope however quickly turns to horror as this supposed survival story twists into something more surreal. Bo and Charley run for it, fleeing their cabin as something ominous rumbles through their lives. They run to somewhere new. Somewhere forbidden. What they discover will surprise you just as much as them, and you'll probably "get it" just at the right moment.

This is a script which manages to build mystery and unfold it with a masterful pace, causing you to become increasingly fascinated with the explanation and meaning behind it all. I'm not going to spoil the surprise ending but that meaning is something we can all probably relate to right now. This is a clever commentary on our current political climate and, with that in mind, I encourage short filmmakers looking for something like this to act fast, strike while the iron is hot, and not be left out in the cold.

Review by CJ Walley
Submitted: December 12, 2017
Last Updated: April 28, 2018

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The Writer: Ra Inta

Ra cut his cinematic teeth at the Roughcut Film School in his homeland of rural New Zealand. He has written and directed five short films, but would like to strengthen his writing game. He likes to explore narratives that sneak scientific concepts in a consumable way (he holds a PhD in physics -- "The Acoustics of the Steel-String Guitar"). Yet another MoviePoet refugee, he's currently working on two features, but is aware they likely won't ever get made. He has 50% shares on two dogs, one with 18 Charisma (but 4 Intelligence), the other with 19 Constitution (yet 3 Strength and disadvantage on biting attacks). Oh and two grumpy fish. Go to bio

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