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A man abandons his family to spend his last moments alone.

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A man abandons his family to spend his last moments alone.

Does anyone ever truly know what they would do in the face of death?

If you thought there was no way out, and your demise would soon be determined by an astronomic "glitch of fate":  would you choose to be surrounded by family or take your final breath alone?

Thomas J. Campbell’s short screenplay, “Solitude” explores the choice of one young family man.

The phone begins to WAIL again.

This time he does not hesitate in hanging up.


Seconds after he hangs up, a message appears on the screen.

Oi! Where are U?!?!

He looks up from his phone - skyward. Above the tree canopy, he can see the looming presence of a large oncoming ASTEROID – a planet killer.

He watches it for a moment as it slowly creeps closer to its final destination.


John?! Call me please!


I’m taking the kids to mums - it’s best if we’re together.

John removes the bag from his shoulder, unzipping it, he rummages around inside.

If you thought your family might die in front of you, would you fear witnessing it more than the comfort it brought to be with them in those final hours?

Or would you try to prevent the image of your own death from being the last thing they ever viewed?

If you’re looking to film a one-character, one location, sci-fi short that questions moral choices in the face of impending doom, “Solitude” will certainly make an impact. Contact Thomas J. Campbell soon - before it’s too late... for us all!

Review by Linda Hullinger
Submitted: June 20, 2017
Last Updated: October 16, 2017

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The Writer: Thomas J Campbell

Thomas J Campbell is a screenwriter based in the south of England with a predilection for strange and weird fiction. Campbell's formative years where dominated by a love of comic books and horror films, a passion which continued into adulthood and would see him write for several fan-sites and communities before turning his attention to scriptwriting. In 2017 Thomas successfully crowd-funded his WW2 horror short “AND NOTHING HURT” with independent British horror production company, Deadbolt Films. Thomas is already working on his next feature and short, and continues to push himself to create surreal, unnatural new worlds. Go to bio

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