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Sunny Side Up

Two strangers meet at a crematorium while picking up the ashes of their loved ones and spend the day together reconciling their feelings of loss, grief, and failure. It's a comedy!



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New Zealand Film Commission - Catalyst He Kauahi

Nick and Jill are strangers at the crematorium on the same day to pick up their loved one's ashes.
Nick is an aspiring comedian who knows a dirty joke or two and Jill works at a marijuana dispensary.
When everything seems to be falling apart for them, they decide to spend some time together.
They're invited to a friend's house for an unusual evening of drinking games and learn deeper truths about each other throughout the night.
In the end, it seems like they're uniquely matched to help each other reconcile their grief and move on.

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Vail Film Festival Screenplay Contest (2018) - Semi-Finalist

Submitted: July 16, 2018
Last Updated: June 7, 2022

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The Writer: Jacob Mynatt

"Back Issues" Shore Scripts - Shore Script TV Pilot Contest - Semi-Finalist - (2016) Talentville - Script of the Month - Silver Medal - (August 2016) Cinequest Screenplay Competition - Teleplay (30 Minutes) - Top 50 - (2018) "Dead Guy Days" Shore Scripts Feature Contest - Quarter-finalist - (2018) Creative Screenwriting Screenplay Contest - Quarter-finalist - (2018) Script Summit Screenplay Competition Official Selection (2019) Scriptapalooza - Quarter-finalist (2019) "The Grind" ScriptXpert Script Search - Asylum - Finalist Screencraft Comedy Screenplay Competition - Quarter-finalist - (2016) "Hipster and the Schoolgirl" Amazon Studios - Finalist - (August 2011) Amazon Studios - Semi-... Go to bio

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