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Super Scoop

Lois Lane's interview of Wonder Woman reveals the true Princess inside.



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DC Comic characters

This short is a parody of Lois Lane interviewing Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) over coffee. The true Princess is revealed, as well as her honest opinions of her Justice League friends and mankind.

Super Scoop has garnered a lot of positive response and reviews. This is gold in the hands of the right person: One location; two awesome leading ladies; and no FX.

Who's going to be the lucky person to option this baby?! All I ask is credit, my friends.

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Submitted: March 2, 2017
Last Updated: June 17, 2020

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The Writer: John Staats

I'm proud of the work posted here and the stories you're about to read. You have your choice of feature screenplays, numerous shorts (including a VR short) and some comic formats in case you're up for something a bit different. The links to my comics would make awesome storyboards if you want to bring the story to life. If you like what you read, feel free to give it some love and tic the heart icon. Been around... Seen some things... Yep, a helluva story teller. No sh*t, there I was.... Go to bio

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