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A weekend getaway goes awry when a murderous swan goes on the hunt. Rose must face her inner demons to find strength, as sometimes the monsters we hide inside scare us even more.



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Rose has recently lost her mother to cancer. Her boyfriend Harry and best friends Mike and Lisa team up to take her on a lakeside getaway away for the weekend. Soon after arriving, the cracks appear and secrets begin to form a wedge between them. Rose discovers a dead body and it all changes when the police turn up, but the body has vanished. Taunted by the Swan that they deem "the angel of death" it starts to pick them off one by one. Rose must overcome her crippling grief and only by revealing the truth of what happened to her mother can she finally defeat the demon that is trying to claim their lives.

Submitted: August 3, 2018
Last Updated: April 23, 2021

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The Writer: Jack Stockley

Professio nal, Passionate, Productive! Done the education, done the travels, now doing the hard work to change the world, one film at a time! I am looking to meet professional, passionate and productive people like myself. No more time wasters or tyre kickers! I'm here to make movies with you!! Film is the ultimate expression for me and writing my own screenplays makes me feel all hot and bothered with excitement. My awards for screenplays so far are: Swan - 1st Place - INDIE GATHERING AWARDS - 1st Place - HIDDEN FILM FESTIVAL - FINALIST with HORROR13 The Weather-Man - SELECTED AUSTIN REVOLUTION FILM FEST 2020 - SELECTED FLICKERS' RHODE ISLAND FILM FEST 2020 ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM TO FOLLOW MY... Go to bio

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