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Sylvie and the Wogglebug

A lonely orphan enters a magical kingdom where she befriends the lovable Mr. Wogglebug and together they have an adventure saving the Enchanted Forest.



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a character by L. Frank Baum

Sylvie Harnois is not like all the other children at the Orphanage. She’s very shy, extremely intelligent and has a love for nature and bugs, which causes some of the other children to bully her. But it’s Sylvie’s lucky day because Mr. and Mrs. Martin have decided they want to adopt her, and to Sylvie’s amazement Mr. Martin is even an entomologist. But, her fear overtakes her and she politely refuses and runs away upset.

Sylvie finds a wogglebug outside and practices using her magnifying glass to help him get to his destination. Her teacher, Mr. Frank tells her because she took such good care of the wogglebug and loves all living things, she is the girl he has been waiting for and gifts her with a book and a key to make all her hopes and dreams come true.

That night, Sylvie draws an Enchanted Forest in her new book and wishes she could be taken away to a place like that. She continues to draw when suddenly her key begins to glow. She uses the key to open the tree in her drawing and she is brought right into the Enchanted Forest. She first meets the real Mr. Wogglebug, a 6 foot tall insect, dressed to the nines with a delightfully intelligent personality. Sylvie discovers Mr. Wogglebug is on his to the King and Queen to present himself as the perfect candidate to become their new advisor and agrees to go with him, in hopes they may be able to send Sylvie back home.

When they arrive at the Kingdom, Sylvie learns about the Enchanted Forest that no one dares enter and an evil gnome named Antibo who is wreaking havoc on their world with his magical staff. Mr. Wogglebug is made fun of by the other candidates thus causing him to feel sadness for the first time. He overcomes the insecurities and volunteers to go into the Enchanted Forest with Sylvie to defeat Antibo and thus prove himself worthy to become the new Advisor.

On the way, Sylvie and Mr. Wogglebug meet the Wise Trees who advise them to locate the Fairy Queen Mother for help. As they continue on, they discover flowers that have been touched by bad magic and a very serious Elf named Christeph who tries to revive them. Sylvie suggests singing to the flowers to help and it works, causing Antibo to show himself and threatens the group and all who try to stop him. Christeph uses his Elf magic on him and he flees. Christeph then presents Sylvie and Mr. Wogglebug to the Elder Elves in hopes they will come together for the cause. They refuse to help but agree to let Christeph go with them. They meet the Fairy Queen Mother before sending off where she announces Sylvie and Mr. Wogglebug are the chosen heroes for this mission and must bring together the Pixies, Mermaids and all other folk of the forest.

They first meet the Pixies, who have a long bad history with Elves, and their queen Theodora, a firecracker with a temper. She refuses to help or work alongside an Elf but Sylvie convinces her that everyone will be affected by this no matter how small. Theodora teams up with the group and they continue their journey to the mermaids where they receive another clue to help them on their quest to save the forest. Getting closer to the Living Tree from Sylvie’s drawing, they get trapped in the woods of the Mocking Trees and are tricked to turn against each other. Sylvie must find her bravery and save the group from the Mocking Trees and uses her paper from the book to shut out everyone’s ears.

They finally reach the Living Tree where Antibo appears with his magical staff. The friends prepare to stop him but are no match for Antibo’s magic and they all fall. Sylvie pushes on and uses her sharp mind and creativity to trick Antibo, who claims he has read every magical spell book there is, but Sylvie enlightens him that he hasn’t read her book yet. In exchange for the book, he lets her friends go, just in time to distract him so Sylvie can draw a picture of all the creatures of the forest working together. She puts the drawing on the tree and uses the key to unlock its power. As Antibo is almost conquered, he uses magic on Sylvie and freezes her, but Mr. Wogglebug uses his newfound understanding and power of empathy and love to undo it and save Sylvie. She finally can use the key and proclaims her love for all living things and their importance as all the creatures come together and defeat Antibo.

Mr. Wogglebug is appointed the King and Queen’s Chief Advisor and Sylvie learns the key will bring her home. When she returns, she happily accepts Mr. and Mrs. Martin into her life and is adopted.

Submitted: June 22, 2020
Last Updated: December 1, 2020

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The Writer: Cynthia Hanson

I have had a dream of writing a series of movies starring Mr. Wogglebug since I was twelve-years-old and have been writing since I was eighteen. I am also a published writer of novels and picture books. My goal is to make Mr. Wogglebug a beloved icon in pop culture for children, parents, and teachers for this day and age. Go to bio

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