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The Blind Witness

A psychic blind boy and his reluctant guardian must expose a serial killer’s identity to the police before he strikes again.



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This script contains 2 plot twists. The info you are receiving in this synopsis is as much as I can reveal. Because I want to keep these plot twists as interesting as possible and have the effect I want them to have. Please understand my concerns and read the script throughout the end.

Ben Gilani

Fall of 2020. Upstate New York. A serial killer is at large. Women reported missing from Beacon city Dutchess County since 40 days ago. Jimmy, a blind 9-year-old Hispanic boy, appears at a police station and claims to have information about an accident that took place last night and the identity of the serial rapist/killer police is desperately trying to catch. Officer Jones, an African American Police officer, decides to believe the boy and agrees to investigate both the accident scene and the individual Jimmy accuses of those crimes. Jimmy provides the police with an accurate crime scene and a complete description of the crimes committed. Jimmy's information checks out. The police catch the serial killer recovers the missing women's bodies and arrests the suspect. They also find two deceased victims of the road accident that occurred the night before. It turns out the couple who died in the accident were Jimmy's parents.
The female officer who interviews the boy wants to know where has Jimmy obtained all this information. That is when Jimmy begins telling a story. Jimmy begins his tale by stating that he firmly believes in the devil's involvement in all the crimes that are being committed everywhere. He asks Officer Jones whether she believes in the devil, which she says she does not. Jimmy then begins telling the story.
Alan, also a resident of Beacon City, is released from prison on conditional parole. He's not allowed to drink alcohol. He's also not allowed to drive for six months. Alan begins experiencing paranormal activities in his house on the second night of his release. Terrified of the paranormal experience, Alan makes arrangements for a sensitive to visit him, find out what is haunting the house, and the cause of the terrifying activities? The sensitive lady walks through Alan's house and concludes that there is more than one entity roaming around the house. The human spirits are trying to make their presence known to Alan, communicate with him, and get his attention. She also believes there is a malevolent presence, a demonic entity lurking in a corner of the house. A demonic entity that terrorizing other spirits as well. Fearing for Alan’s safety, she suggests to Alan to allow her to get a priest involved to have the house exorcised. She states that it would be to rid the house of the demonic entity. The exorcism also helps the human spirits to cross over. Alan agrees and the sensitive lady makes arrangements for a father Sherman to perform the exorcism on the following night at around 3 AM. She suggests for Alan stays out of the house until the exorcism is done and come back only when it is safe for him to go back. The following morning while getting ready to exit his home to visit a friend Alan is listening to the radio reporting a witness revealing the serial killer's description. Alan's next-door neighbor who is leaving the house for work matches the description and this is when Alan's suspicion is raised. Alan shrugs it off tentatively as he is not certain about his neighbor's involvement.

Alan gets to meet his old friend and his friend's sister-in-law, Cristal. a strikingly beautiful young woman. It is love at first sight. Alan is now besotted with Cristal and tends to forget his parole conditions. Alan's friend is throwing a party the very same night and this is a great opportunity for Alan to get to know Cristal even more.
Alan's friend offers him to drive his ATV to get to a mall for shopping and bring the vehicle back at night when he comes back to attend the party. Alan who should stay out of trouble according to his parole conditions attends the party which is being held at a local bar. Alan cannot stay sober. The more he looks at Cristal, the more he feels like enjoying his time at the party. Alan begins with a single shot and then drinks more than he should. Despite being drunk, Alan drives the ATV to change its parking location and causes a horrible road accident, which nobody witnesses as it is very late at night. Also, Alan is on a less traveled road and a quiet neighborhood. The couple in the car accident happens to be Alan's new neighbors. They are badly injured, their vehicle is down a wooded ravine and out of sight. The driver dies on the spot, but his wife, who is taking her last breaths, mumbles a few words, and Alan thinks she wants to tell him about her boy Jimmy at home. The woman dies without finishing what she wanted to say. Alan is in distress, anxious, and hopeless.
Alan realizes what he has done and what he should do. He is facing a dilemma now. If Alan reports the accident to the police, he will go back to prison as he has violated his parole conditions. He also cannot escape the terrifying scene he has caused as his conscience would not allow him. He has unintentionally caused two innocent people's death by causing that accident. Alan decides to go to the couple's house and collect their son and respect the woman's dying wish.

Remorseful and frightened, Alan goes to his neighbor's house, which is not that far, finds Jimmy locked in the basement, and gets him to his own house. Alan explains everything to Jimmy and apologizes to Jimmy for causing the accident. Jimmy and Alan then begin being attacked by the demonic entity. Many scary incidents take place while at his house. Alan soon finds out that Jimmy can see spirits and otherworldly entities despite being blind.
The spirit of three deceased victims of the serial killer appears to Alan. But they are scared off by the demonic entity.
According to what Alan tells Jimmy, Alan plans to sober up and report the accident to the police the following morning. Alan notices strange behavior by Jimmy. He asks Alan if he will report his neighbor, too. But Alan has no plan of telling the police anything about his neighbor. He believes he is not sure if he saw what he thought he saw.
Paranormal Activity in the house increases until it is 3 AM. The sensitive lady, an assistant plus father Sherman, arrive at Alan's home to perform the exorcism. Jimmy begins feeling sick. Alan takes Jimmy to his backyard and goes back inside the house. He wants to make his presence known to the sensitive lady and father Sherman. The sensitive lady is performing an EVP session when Alan calls her name.
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Submitted: January 12, 2021
Last Updated: February 5, 2021

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The Writer: Behnam Gilani

Born on February 4th, 1971. My first brush with the film and television industry took place during my formative teenage years. Filled by a burning desire to learn more about the intricacies of the movie business, I spent most of my summer vacations in the technical rooms of the National Iranian Television where a number of my favorite elder cousins used to work. And, when my mom landed a minor role in an experimental Tele-film, the passion for acting as well began to take hold. At the age of 21, I moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates where I met Mr. Nicanor A. Odejar, a university professor, who played a significant role in developing my communication, writing, and business skills. I call... Go to bio

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