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The Clearest Nights

Eva thinks she's the last person alive on earth, but when she learns she isn't, she must work with a stranger to find a new home.



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Eva has been living in her home village with only the hallucination of her deceased older brother, JACK, for seven years after a deadly virus killed her family and the rest of humanity. Eva discovers a drifter, George, scavenging around her village and still infected. When they finally speak, he tells her to come to a Colony he’s travelling to however that would mean leaving her family and her house-bound brother.

Before deciding, THE HORDE, a group of vicious savages, hell-bent on destroying any remnants of the old world destroy her village, forcing her to leave her brother and family home and go in search of this colony in hopes of a new home, being forced into a new world she doesn't understand. On There journey, they both discover horrifying details about each other’s lives, developing their relationship and proving they need each other. But all is not as it seems. They are being followed.

Arriving at a beach, Eva faces her demons and lets go of her past and says goodbye to Jack allowing her to move to this new home. George confesses to Eva his whole past, how a man tortured him, leaving him with scars all over his body, and gave him the option to kill his own brother for his freedom. Only when his brother’s virus began to show symptoms did he do it and has been on the run from this man ever since. When they arrive, they discover the colony has been destroyed and a gentle older man offers them a place to stay and get out of the rain. When talking to the older man in his garage, he drops to the floor, lifeless. The same Sinister Man who tortured George and has been following him and Eva. Him and his Horde compatriots capture George, but Eva gets away and hides. Setting George up for an execution in the middle of the street, Eva decides to fight back, frees George and defeats the Sinister Man. In one final attempt to kill George, the Man lunges at him with a knife but Eva saves him and kills George’s nemesis. George and Eva bury the older man in his garden and drive out of the town to explore this new world.

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Submitted: October 9, 2019
Last Updated: October 9, 2019

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The Writer: Luke Dawson

At the ripe age of 22 I began to explore many different career paths before settling on my great passion of writing. From a young age, I loved poetry and was always encouraged by my teachers at school to pursue it, however it wasn't until reaching university that I truly began to thrive with my writing. I started writing films during my first group project during my first year at the University of Lincoln but never felt that this truly harnessed my potential. Being an outgoing sort of man, I ventured to Minnesota, US in my second year to study for a semester. I took part in several projects, my favourite of which and crowning achievement was an impromptu participation in the Minnesota State... Go to bio

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