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The Creek

Children, murdered long ago, terrorize a group of teens who have chosen to party on their hallowed grounds.



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Ohio, circa 1950. Walker and Son Tree Removal have been called to a two-story brick house to
excavate a troublesome willow tree by the creek which runs through the backyard. But attempts at
removing the tree prove deadly, as the wind picks up and ominous clouds roll in. Strikes of axes
against the tree’s trunk only stir up more chaos, and supernatural forces murder Mr. Walker and
maim his son. All while a woman watches calmly from the upstairs window.

Present day, Cleveland Ohio. It’s Senior Ball at Eastside High and a group of friends are getting
restless. They decide to take their party to the abandoned house of urban legend. Sitting creekside,
with blankets, lanterns, snacks, and weed, David starts to tell the sad and terrible history of the
house and the legend around the creek that Olivia keeps inadvertently dipping her fingertips in.
Murder and religious indoctrination are tied to this house. Children conceived in unlawful union are
Josh decides to graffiti the house, and while doing so, the back door cracks open for him. He takes
his decorating skills inside. He quickly discovers a creepy church room and retreats, going further
into the house. The back door closes behind him.

David continues his ghost story, but the wind picks up, and soon everyone gets cold. They decide to
join Josh and take the party inside. But Olivia is freaked out and just wants to go home. As the kids
leave her outside, Olivia calls her mom, but her mother sounds strange. Her voice is different. She
calls Olivia a whore and says she heard the baby crying. Olivia pulls her phone away and sees that
there is No Service! So, who is this on the other end of the line?! The creek is gurgling, she hears
whispers. But before she can run... it’s too late. The willow tree has grabbed her and dragged her to
the creek.

Inside the house, the kids separate. Some go upstairs to mess around. Others hang out in the living
room. Whitney has pulled Marcus aside to tell him she’s pregnant with his child. Marriage and
fatherhood do not interest him. He tells her to get rid of the baby, and jokes that they can handle it
the old-fashioned way: in the creek. Olivia makes a comeback, but she’s not herself. She retreats to
the church room of the house to “rest.”

Two girls find Josh mangled and dead in the basement, and a bloody and monstrous fate unfolds for
both of them. Now that the kids are contained inside the house, its childlike demons start taking
them out. There’s no escape. A final attempt at survival unfolds in the church room, but the house
and the terror overcome everyone, except. one. Whitney is spared. The dead children want her
baby, and they want it alive.

Our last look at Whitney has her in a bed as child-demons restrain her. Olivia is her caretaker.
Childlike demons are crawling on the walls and ceiling around Whitney. The bedroom door closes on
us as we watch.

Submitted: August 11, 2021
Last Updated: November 9, 2021

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The Writer: Jaye Blohm

Los Angeles-based, award-winning, Red Listed screenwriter. Lover of imagination, creativity, the beach, and animals. My scripts include diversity: strong women, people of color, LGBTQ+ representation... and they all have fantastic and vivid stories to tell! Go to bio

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