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The Dream Jumper's Promise

A woman haunted by dreams of her missing husband must trust an old boyfriend to save her sanity by using his preposterous ability to enter her dreams.



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Bestselling Novel The Dream Jumper's Promise - Amazon #1 Bestseller

Tina Greene has a shrink on speed dial, pills in her pocket, and a dive shop business in the red after her husband mysteriously goes missing.

When former boyfriend, Jamey Dunn, who she'll never forget betrayed her, shows up on Maui and sees Tina is a mess, he can't look away. Tina's life is a shit show and Jamey Dunn knows he's responsible by breaking a promise to never mess with the future after a premonition. Jamey is telepathic and has the weird-ass ability to enter dreams, a talent he uses with the US Military but is now stagnant after a traumatic dream jump im Afghanistan. On leave in Lahaina to regain his ability, Jamey unknowingly transfers something to Tina and her haunting dreams begin of Hank, the missing husband. Getting Tina to trust him is almost impossible seeing he loved her and left her with no good reason eight years earlier. But he needs to set this right and reveals his ability to Tina, something she finds highly suspicious. Hank’s friend, Noble, who lives in a cottage behind Tina's house, works against Jamey, insisting Tina move on from Hank's presumed death. (A weird ex-boyfriend, a mess of a woman, and her over-protective roommate.)

In shared dreams, Jamey and Tina get cryptic messages and believe Hank’s body is underwater off the Molokai Sea Cliffs. Overnighting on Molokai before diving the Cliffs, Jamey tells Tina he left her years ago after a premonition that she'd marry another man. Tina is touched. Jamey and Tina are intimate on Molokai and after, they share a dream of Noble killing Hank during a fight over a con job to steal Tina’s inherited art. The half-brothers were con men but Hank fell in love, much to Noble's disgust. Tina is devastated but Jamey tries to assure her that Hank loved her. He knows that.

On the way to dive for the body, Jamey discovers that Noble killed himself months ago and they've been seeing a ghost, Tina is in denial with PTSD after the suicide. They find Hank's body on a dangerous cave dive and Tina remembers Noble’s suicide. While Jamey waits for police on Molokai, Tina sneaks back to Maui to confront the ghost of Noble who tries to convince her to kill herself. Realizing Tina is gone, Jamey rushes to save her. Jamey battles guilt that he ratted out Hank and Noble to Tina's parents when his telepathy revealed they were con men last year. He broke his promise to his telepathic uncle to never mess with the future.

Tina watches Noble fade into the afterlife without her and when Jamey arrives at her house, Tina has begun to heal from being used in a con. Jamey loves this woman and isn't going anywhere while she gets her life back.

They fall asleep and Jamey has a premonition dream of years in the future. They walk a Maui beach with their young son.

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A list is available on request or on Kim's website but includes Burbank International Film Festival, Los Angeles International Film Festival, Vancouver Badass Festival, Bigfoot Script Challenge, Adapted Screenplay Contest, Canadian Cinematography Awards...

Submitted: October 31, 2020
Last Updated: December 28, 2020

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The Writer: Kim Hornsby

KIM HORNSBY is a sold and optioned screenwriter as well as a USA TODAY Bestselling Author with fifteen published novels and numerous screenplays and scripts. Formerly a Maui scuba instructor by day and a lounge singer by night, Kim hung up her regulator and microphone to entertain the world with stories. Living in Taiwan while adopting her daughter in 2002, Kim started writing a novel to pass the five-month wait on paperwork. A Compendium level member of the Northwest Screenwriter's Guild , her Supernatural Suspense, The Dream Jumper 3-book series was optioned and has received accolades in screenwriting contests, including winning the Hollywood Fellowship at Bigfoot Script Challenge at the... Go to bio
Agency: 5x5 Productions
Agent: JD DeWitt

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