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A simple farmer on a depraved world, whose family is brutally murdered by privileged travellers from another planet, does a murderous deal with a vicious city kingpin to avenge their death.

Obsidia is a tempestuous planet of hardship and wickedness. It shares an orbit with Empyrea – a world of beauty and opulence – that hangs like heaven in the mean Obsidian sky. The Farmer is a simple man who lives a hard, secluded life on Obsidia sustained by the love of his wife and young son.

One night, a ship crashes in The Farmer’s field with two Empyreans on-board. They slaughter his family and leave him for dead. He survives and is thrown into a hellish prison. 8 years later, The Farmer escapes and travels the harsh Obsidian wastes to a city. Overwhelmed by its scale and depravity, he finds vicious kingpin Abel Grinder who can get him a ship to Empyrea. In return, The Farmer must kill the person responsible for the death of Grinder’s son - VyZer Kane.

Kane is the reclusive psychopathic head of the House of Kane. The Farmer saves the life of VyZer’s ruthless daughter, KaZia. She demands that The Farmer earns her trust before he can see her father. She’s consumed by the desire to avenge her slain daughter. Using The Farmer’s empathy for her tragedy, she seduces him into killing the man responsible - Abel Grinder.

Grinder is ambushed and shot by The Farmer. As promised, KaZia takes him to see her father. He discovers that VyZer’s long dead and that it was KaZia who ordered the murder of Grinder’s son. The Farmer returns to Grinder, whose death was faked. Grinder demands that KaZia die as vengeance for his son. The Farmer’s emotions for KaZia give way to the need to satisfy his own revenge and he kills her. Grinder rewards The Farmer with a ship.

The Farmer arrives on Empyrea pursued by agents loyal to KaZia. At the lavish estate of the men who murdered his family, he engages in a brutal battle with multiple foes. Here, the true nature of his anger is finally unleashed. At the end of this bloody rampage, he kills the Empyreans that murdered his family. Having made things right, The Farmer returns to his farm and his simple, secluded life.

Submitted: June 24, 2017
Last Updated: April 3, 2018

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The Writer: Clive Howard

I write professionally about technology and have been published in various leading online and print publications; spoken at conferences; and last year published my first book. However, I've always had a passion for film and a desire to write screenplays. Having now written a number of scripts - mainly sci-fi features - I am excited to get my work out there and engage with the wider community including other writers and industry professionals. I love the ethos of Script Revolution. I have just added my first script - The Farmer - a sci-fi noir feature that I very much hope to get some feedback on. Writing is a solitary business and I greatly appreciate other peoples thoughts on my work... Go to bio