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The Federation West

A struggling artist drawn into an alternate reality must vanquish her demons to free herself and publish her graphic novel.



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Graphic novelist SAGE GREELEY (25) struggles with serious mental illness. She lives with her mother/conservator in Santa Cruz, California. Non-compliant with her medication, Sage establishes herself as an unreliable protagonist from the outset -- manic, driven, delusional.

Illustrations from Sage's graphic novel, THE FEDERATION WEST, telegraph events in the screenplay and merge cinematic reality with Sage's fictional work.

THE FEDERATION WEST captures publisher J.J.'s attention. He discusses the matter with his wife and reveals that an unwitting Sage is on the cusp of a seven-figure book and movie deal. His wife is intrigued.

Then Sage meets the mysterious Lindsey at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Through sinister manipulations, Lindsey lures Sage away from her mother in Santa Cruz and involuntarily commits her to a psychiatric facility in Los Angeles that mirrors THE FEDERATION WEST of Sage's graphic novel and from which there appears to be no escape. 

Sage falls prey to her delusions in her unmedicated state, drawing her further into her frightening fictional world. She believes she's a prophet and that she must publish her graphic novel to save humanity from a dreadful fate. But first, she must free herself from the people she created in her head who hold her captive in a universe she drew on paper.

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Quarterfinalist Script 32's First Annual Action/Thriller Screenwriting Contest
Overall Top 25% on Coverfly

Submitted: November 10, 2021
Last Updated: November 29, 2021

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The Writer: Kim Jaspers

I enjoy creating original female-centric thriller, drama, and dramedy screenplays. My experiences in psychiatric social work and life abroad inform my fictional work. A citizen of the United States and Italy, I currently live with my husband and two cats in Santa Cruz County, California. I hold a Bachelor's in Romance Languages from the University of Oregon, Master's in Spanish from the University of Oregon, and a Master's of Social Work from the University of Southern California. Always working to elevate my writing, I'm honored to have received some accolades: Semifinalist Screenwriters Network Screenplay Competition - TV Pilot 2021 for CLEAR CREEK BLUFFS HOA (1-hr. pilot) Semifinalist... Go to bio

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