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The Fifth World

Base is Our Creativity , Our Destination is to save the World



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I request you to make movie " THE FIFTH WORLD " which is related to the warrior and furious movement and the toughest struggling World. The most furious war and virus cum zombie like attack and to fight against dangerous virus like zombie to save Nature,to save People,to save All.
LogLine :- Our Base is Our Creativity , Our Destination is to save the World.
Casts :- Leader – A Group of Five Members , All in the World and across the World , Space People , Virus , Antivirus , A group of Villain , A group of Angel.
Story :- The story is mixing of romance,pathetic,angry,fear,brave,enjoyment,encouragement etc. Starting with a furious attack by zombie suddenly. What is the source of the birth of Zombie? Now, telling by an Old Wise Person.But the solution is not made. A group of Five Intelligent and Powerful Persons are going on their life from childhood days to adulthood days.
Now we express and show the childhood life of Five specific members with All People and All. They spent normal and simple life but in different situation.
1st Member(Male) – I have a nice childhood day and at present I am feeling so happy with my work and Family.
2nd Member(Male) – Tell the same and added ‘ We are two Brothers and my Family members and make the Life fruitful.
3rd Member(Male) – I have felt also. The life is so beautiful with sadness.
4th Member(Male)(Brother of 2nd Member) – Our family is so nice and asking brother, addressing 2nd Member;Our life is so peaceful.
5th Member(Male) – Nice but strange family.
Their lives are spending with many and different type of beautiful and ugly Girls and Boys and All. They moves in different places for different services. Suddenly they can connect with famous People including Space Members and a group of Angel like God.
After that, the hard situation has come and they have to face problems and they have to fight against a group of Villain who are trying to make Zombie. Zombie killed some Villain and targeted next.
People became nervous and felt the terrific condition. One Zombie to another,but in the meantime Five Members(whom called Fifth World by Union) started their journey to kill Zombie and Villain at random.
The terrific fight – in one side - People,All,a group of Five Star Members(whom called Fifth World by Union),A group of Angel,Space People,Antivirus,Loyal vs in another side – a large group of Zombie,a group of Villain,a group of Betrayals,Virus.
Many People were attacked by Zombie and Villain and some were killed. First 6 months they had to felt this serious situation.Their operation was going on secretely and from different side.They want help from Angel and Space Members and joined one another. After 6th months crossed,7th months crossed,8th months crossed,9th months crossed,10th months crossed,11th months crossed,in the time of 1 year a serious war has started.
After 1year, war has started and started a revolution.Afterthat this revolution is continuing till now……………,but there is no Zombie to attack but Villian or Bad exists besides Good and Angel.
Revolution makes the climax of the story.One by one People and Zombie and Villain and Good Man are died and all around the atmosphere was of legal war.People are waiting for the peace and they started to pray for peace.
In the meantime, the famous Members discovered and created Jin through a genetic process and a group of Angels.After sadness and happiness feeling of People the young good Members have won the war.
They brought peace in the World.There was no Zombie,no Villain,no bad work,no bad service; only peace and calm situation.The whole World and atmosphere is going to be changed.A peaceful nice World is settled and grow up nice families here and there in the Society.
This is one type of tragicomic story and from another side mysterious achievement story.To achieve and to save All.

Submitted: November 16, 2019
Last Updated: November 24, 2019

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