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All is Perfect, If You are Perfect



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I request you to make movie "THE PSYCHO-MAN" which deals with " the super human named Psycho-Man " and the story is related to the super human named Psycho-Man who is directed by himself. Different People thought about Psycho-Man differently. The incident tells about a simple minded Person and the simple Person becomes or transforms into a PSYCHO-MAN.
Many Members of the family of Psycho-Man stay in different places.Their characteristics are different.Two important Brothers exist in that family. One elder Brother whom called Psycho-Man and younger Brother is very popular from career side.
The main characteristics of The Psycho-Man are - Normal man named “Debis or Devis or Debamoy” but some people think about him psycho, some people think different. The man whose life is not simple always, no girl friend, always seems that he want to say anything, sometimes he is uttering and walking or thinking. Other main and supporting characteristics are – Brother of Psycho-Man and Other Brothers and Sisters and Super Persons of Psycho-Man, General People, All, Enemies, All Friends, Children.
LogLine :- All is Perfect, If You are Perfect.
Casts :- Leader – A Group of General and Small Members , Psychopathic Doctors and Researchers – 15 Members of a group, United Nations of Organisation and General Members – 20 nos, General People, Animals and Birds, Trees and Plants, Others, Space Station Members, Satellite Experts, Psycho-Man cum Devis, Brother of Psycho-Man namd Denis.Parents and Family Members of Psycho-Man, Friends and Enemies of Psycho-Man.
Story :- The story is about creativity and safety and the motto is to proof ownself the superiority of the World. The story is tragic and comic also. So,it is called Tragi-Comic Story and Melancholy and Ambivalent.
Psycho-Man cum Devis as person good but simple,he had to face problems one by one and struggling in his life and solve all problems and recovers one by one. His Brother cum Denis is meritorious and sensitive.Devis is not meritorious but read and write and that is his hobby. People think about Devis various way. Some People think him as normal, some People think him as difficult and something wrong. Actually, after an incident Devis has changed and became Psycho-Man according to some People. His Parents are good and Other Family Members are various types as good and bad.
Devis and his Brother and His Team Union started fight against corruption and criminals. A terrific fight and struggling period is going on. Live and Death going on. During this time they start their life with Jobs and they continue career life besides struggling fight. Some girls sympathize to him, some girls hate or mock him. Boys are not all equal,good and bad also.
No madness,no abnormality,but the superiority and different struggling power of Devis,called Psycho-Man but no exception from career side. His Brother is exceptional and creator of new side of Science. The time is current era and current problems and solutions. They married one by one. They have Children.
Making one by one problems and then making solutions time to time, year to year but fighting and struggling is continue always. So may sad incidents and pathetic situations are seen and happened. Besides this, so many enjoying and happy incidents and situations are seen and happened. We have to stay and exist with all and at last solving problems but Devis is not seen in the area. This is confusion “ Is Devis alive or not?” but no reply and just say “Devis is …………..” say by Denis and a group of Persons.

Submitted: November 24, 2019
Last Updated: November 24, 2019

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