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The Gift



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A neglected boy uses his unusual talent to bring his despondent mother joy.

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The Gift
A neglected boy uses his unusual talent to bring his despondent mother joy.

Children witness so much more than we give them credit for.  And they give us plenty, too.  A glimpse at the joy of living we once knew.  And unconditional love – a blessing impossible to ever repay.

And that's a gift that knows no bounds. 
Just how far would a child go to make his heartbroken mother happy?  Read this script and find out.

Lisa Sheridan's The Gift: written through the eyes of an innocent child.



The MAN storms out the front door, slamming it behind him.

BOY (V.O.)
And then one day he left.
Said he wasn't ready for a family.
Said I was an accident. That he tried to make it work.

The mother sits on the couch trying to cry her lover back. Her face buried in a tissue.
The boy, now 2 years old, stands at her feet, invisible. He clutches a doll for comfort.

BOY (V.O.)
If he only knew what else he took with him that day.

The mother's weeping intensifies.


The boy, now 6 years old, sits at a child's desk. He stares at the surface.

BOY (V.O.)
Since then, I discovered I have a special gift unlike anything else in this world.
A gift that brings light.

A simple drawing of a woman, boy, and house.
The boy picks up a coloring pencil. Draws a RED DRESS on the woman.
He sets down the pencil. Studies the drawing. Decides he likes it. He tapes it on the wall.
Suddenly, the doorbell rings.

What’s on the other side?  Read on, and find out.

But don’t assume it all ends there. 
Because no matter how much love backs them up, some Gifts cost more than others.
It all depends what one’s prepared to pay…

A study in poetic imagery, Lisa Sheridan’s The Gift is told primarily in Voice Over.  Which makes its message all the more pure and emotionally poignant.  And when you inevitably end up crying: just imagine how audiences would react to The Gift onscreen?


Review by Linda Hullinger

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The Writer: Lisa Sheridan

Lisa Sheridan is in love with screenwriting. She is a longtime resident of the western hemisphere including the San Francisco Bay Area and (a brief stint in) Hawaii. Go to bio