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The Holo Hack



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"The Hacker" by Jay Schnorrer
A young British hacker is forced to work with an ambitious intelligence agent — also his former foster mother — to fulfill the mission left to him by his late parents.

An international intelligence agency that enables countries across the globe to share information and cooperate in an effort towards world peace — that's G.I.N.A.

Skilled hacker and cocky Brit COLIN HESKETH (20s) is on a mission against the agency's power-hungry leader, who has been collaborating in secret with the world's most expansive crime organization. TRACELESS fronts as a holography business, but RILEY ENRICA and RIDLEY ARTURO are deeply entrenched within the global shadow economy of drugs and arms.

Reluctantly, Colin teams up with his former foster mother and G.I.N.A.-operative HANNA MARLOWE. His goal: restore the legacy of his birth parents, who co-founded G.I.N.A. as a step towards world peace.

When Hanna Marlowe turns out to be no better than the corrupt boss she's allegedly trying to dethrone, Colin finds unlikely allies in EVE QURESHI, the agency's second-in-command, and badass, bisexual AGENT DEREC MORGAN.

Too bad Colin doesn't know just how powerful his enemies truly are...


Based on the short film "The Hacker", this new-age thriller steers clear of 'Hollywood hacking' as it navigates international locations and the emotional journey of Colin, its young protagonist, on his quest for family.

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Ethan Taylor as "Colin"

Submitted: February 7, 2019
Last Updated: July 4, 2020

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The Writer: Jay Pendragon

Jay Pendragon | Berlin | 29, queer, trans* (they/them) I'm a writer of (fan)fiction, filmmaker and – you guessed it – a screenwriter! So far, I have written, directed and produced two short films: Acceptance/Akzeptanz (2016) and The Hacker (2017). You can read my completed scripts here on Scriptrevolution. Highlights include: "Hellfully" , a dramedy in which a body-positive bakery opens across the street from a fitness center, forcing a trainer to confront his unhealthy relationship to food, fitness, and himself; "Food Issues", a pilot script for a drama series about a fat dietician and the anti-diet support group she starts; "The Holo Hack" , a spy drama with a protagonist who happens to... Go to bio

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