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The List

A gun for hire sets out on a mission to rid the world of a criminal empire.



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A old criminal on his deathbed feels the urge to correct mistakes of his past, a desire to reconnect with the family he drove apart with his criminal empire and illegal activities. The only way he knows is to shut down everything he helped build, the monsters he has created - and there is only one person he knows who can get the job done. That one mans name is Harvey. He grew up in a broken home, raised to be good at living on the wrong side of the law. Skills he acquired he has found no other use for than to destroy - a soldier of criminal warfare whose roots to the underworld are blood deep. A gun for hire he only asked that you pay him right, and he will complete whatever mission you list. He claims he only wants one last job in order to pay off his debts and live a normal life with the love of his life but more than likely the criminal world will always call him back. can't blame a man for trying though...
With half his payment in hand from an old man he despises he sets out to finish a dirty job that is closer to his personal life than he would care to admit. Juggling his work and attempting to keep his girlfriend from calling it quits and giving up on him once and for all Harvey hits his enemies hard and fast - while trying to keep a cool head. Everything is already burning down around him, no need to sweat it though.

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A review from the unsung critic (screenplay reviewer)

In style and tone, the script reminded me of the dark, gritty Mel Gibson thriller PAYBACK -- a film which, oddly enough, I genuinely hated.

So why have I chosen THE LIST as my first script endorsement? Because, truth be told, it demonstrates a definite writing talent. Star has three big strengths here. First is the way in which the story unfolds. Rather than an over reliance on expository dialogue (so common to fresh screenwriters), Star tells his story with great efficiency of dialogue and prose, while slowly unraveling his characters’ backstories just a little bit at a time. This latter point, in particular, is quite refreshing.

Second strength: the action scenes. THE LIST clocks in at a fairly compact 97 pages, and many, if not most, of them are dedicated to fights, chases, brawls, fights, and more fights. There is one obligatory explosion, but (mercifully) most of what’s here is down-and-dirty, hand-to-hand combat rather than an indulgence in stupid pyrotechnics. I’m not sure how Star would envision the direction of these scenes, but I read them as more akin to those tough, gritty thrillers of the 1970’s, instead of the overblown stuff of the 80’s and 90’s -- and that’s a good thing. (What Peckinpah or Friedkin could have done with this material back then!)

The third -- and greatest – strength is Star’s knack for writing extremely sharp, dry dialogue, which alone made reading the script worthwhile. There are wisecracks and jokes aplenty, but rather than coming off as forced or cheap, they feel natural and very much in the spirit of the characters speaking them.(In writing this review I was tempted to include some excerpts here, but rather than risk giving too much away, you’ll just have to take my word for it – there are some real gems!)

Submitted: November 29, 2016
Last Updated: January 11, 2017

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The Writer: Daniel White I just try to grow and be a better person everyday. Other than that I try to help anyone I can within my ability to do so. I also think Death Note is dope. Anyway... I am an optioned/Produced screenwriter with 7 original feature length screenplays for sale as well as two short scripts. *Below you will find linkes to my movies (IMDB page and Facebook) DVD for screenplay I wrote *best contact -- I think today will be a good day. Go to bio
Agent: Diana White
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