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The Lucky Day

2 guys talk about old times. One of them figures out that he has won a lot of money which makes his friend unwilling to leave his apartment.



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This just took a few hours to write. It's extremely simple even though it's 8 pages long. 2 guys in 1 single room. And most of this is dialogue so it's all extremely simple to film. It could be filmed in a single day in a living room.

I got inspired to write this story by reading about all the lottery winners who go from not having any money to spending all their winnings in no time, die from an overdose or just give away all their millions to greedy family members. It seems that giving simple folks a lot of money is not the best idea ever. They are often much better off just being poor as they then have fewer things around them they can abuse or hurt themselves with. It's not that they are crazy. It's that everyone around them gets crazy when they smell money.

I try to write a lot of scripts with stupid people, foreign people and kids. That way I force myself to force the dialogue to be simple and not get high-brow and overly intellectual. I think this sort of simple writing makes my scripts much more accessible. My intellectual scripts are not really "fun" to read as such as they take a lot of time to get into for readers. Many of them also have points you only will get after 2 readings.


I shown this script to a guy and he recommended that I put in some activity they can do together instead of just coming together to talk about old times. So yeah, I added 2 pages and made the script more action packed too.

Submitted: August 10, 2018
Last Updated: August 16, 2018

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The Writer: Jurij Fedorov

Try to read the script descriptions to see if I think the script is great or could use more work. I will rewrite all my old stuff from time to time too. If you read something I wrote I would be very thankful if you could just give me an opinion or rating on the screenplay. I'm trying to remove all my unfinished scripts from this site and really need help doing so. I have a master's degree in psychology and love to add science to my scripts. I like to structure complicated plots that take 2 watches to fully get. Info to directors All my scripts are free. If you really are planing to make a short film and film it well without shaky-cam I'm more than willing to let you film any of my... Go to bio

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