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The Mortician



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When a young man takes refuge from a storm in the local morgue, he quickly becomes enamored by the female undertaker.

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The Mortician
When a young man takes refuge from a storm in the local morgue,
he quickly becomes enamored by the female undertaker.

Author Paul Hutchinson brings us The Mortician, an engrossing short horror pumped full of charm and intrigue.

Gruesomely enough, we open in a morgue where our mortician protagonist, Sara Douglas, works on a dead body. Unflinching with an expert hand, she tends to the cadaver that lies on the slab in front of her. Outside, a fierce storm howls.

All is quiet until Ben, a young man who most certainly is not comfortable surrounded by the dead, enters. The two share friendly conversation and even a birthday cake, as Ben struggles to figure out why Sara has chosen her career path, and how she manages to stay calm – even zen - in her place of work.

A flash of lightning illuminates the heavy rainfall outside.

Ben’s gaze turns to the cadaver.

How do you do it?

Sara holds up the syringe.

It’s just a bit of tissue builder.
You inject straight into the eyeball and...

Sara trails off as Ben turns the color of his gown.

I meant... How can you stand being here... Alone...

It’s quiet. I like that. Besides... They’re no trouble... Most of the time.

Most of the time?

Sara laughs.

Conversation flows between the two as Ben is drawn towards Sara. But something’s not quite right.

Maybe it’s just the power cuts brought on by the storm, or possibly being surrounded by dead bodies in such a small space. But even with birthday cake, Ben’s sense of doom grows. Something odd is going on.

With an effortless writing style, Paul has crafted a wonderful short screenplay with The Mortician. The characters  feel real… along with a charm to the work that cuts through the macabre locale.  There’s just that little question: what exactly’s going on here, and why?

Budgetarily, The Mortician is a slam (or is that slab?) dunk: with minimal cast and largely based on one location, it would be a breeze to shoot.

In other words, a brilliant little short just waiting for the right director to bring Sara and Ben’s story to life!


Review by Cam Gray
Submitted: October 3, 2018
Last Updated: October 3, 2018
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Last Downloaded: February 10, 2020

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The Writer: Paul Hutchinson

I am a dedicated and imaginative Screenwriter located at the centre of the universe (Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK). I am more than happy to try my hand at different writing mediums and to that end, I have also written three sci-fi/fantasy novels. When I’m not writing my own ideas, I tend to be reading other people’s, currently establishing myself as an up-and-coming independent Script Reader . Working mainly in science fiction, I have written several feature-length screenplays, including “Life Signs” which is currently under option for the 2nd time with Unstoppable Entertainment (Noel Clarke, writer/director of Adulthood, & Brotherhood). Taking on dual roles, I both wrote and... Go to bio

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