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The Night Watchman



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Anchorage, Alaska. A black teenager fatally shot. A night watchman claiming self-defense. The evidence proves it was murder. Until a police chaplain uncovers the truth which could cost him his life.

Detective Alonzo Beasley questions Iraqi-American and Army veteran Navid Farooq about the murder of a black teenager during his watch at a gated community in Anchorage, AK. Farooq confesses he fired the fatal shot, but only in self-defense. The Criminal Investigation's Bureau brand new Deputy Attorney General, Mason "Witt" Muldoon, flies in to supervise the investigation in case a hate crime was committed. The first person Witt meets is the precinct's police chaplain, Charles Ellery, a.k.a Chaplain Charlie. Ellery acts on Farooq's behalf as his spiritual advocate. While Beasley thinks race was a motivating factor in the shooting, Ellery sides with Farooq. Until Beasley uncovers irrefutable evidence that proves the teenager was murdered on purpose. While Ellery and Muldoon search for a motive for the murder, Farooq suddenly confesses to the murder. Was Farooq coerced into a confession by the dead teen's brother? In his quest to learn the truth, Ellery uncovers dangerous secrets to a previous murder related to the case. And the more truth Ellery discovers about both murders, the more danger he finds himself sinking in.

Submitted: July 6, 2018
Last Updated: July 11, 2018

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The Writer: Benjamin Hinnant

A Georgia native and ex-military (11Bravo), I began writing in 2001 when a friend asked me to script a short feature for him. I accepted the challenge and found the experience rewarding. This is when I decided to commit my spare time to creating a second career for myself as a writer. I did manage to land an agent after completing my first full-length, legit screenplay, but nothing ever came of it. I've since completed a handful of other feature scripts and a pilot and am working on several more projects. It has been an off and on struggle getting my work noticed by the right filmmakers, but I remain dedicated to my talent knowing that it is about being ready at the right place and at the... Go to bio

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