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The Practical Matter

When a hybrid wolverine-human’s mistake escalates a rivalry into a war with a nearby werewolf-human community, he must pull out all the stops to save his family.



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When a hybrid wolverine-human’s mistake escalates a rivalry into a war with a rival werewolf-human community, he must pull out all the stops to save his family. This is an action-sci-fi script 96 pages long.
Ike Atlin, a wolverine-human mutant, believes avoiding conflict is the best way to solve issues inside his family or with his rival leader in Delean, Lou Garoux, a werewolf-human clan. Ike is a family man with a teenage son Zeke and a young daughter Arinya, but his marriage to Angel is on thin ice because he smothers Zeke. Lou forces responsibilities on his sons, demanding they protect his legacy and defend the clan at all costs.
Both clans conflict when a Black Ops committee defunds the Genetics Rehabilitation Organization (GRO). CEO Gorben orders his agent, Reever, to cleanse “the lab” to protect himself from criminal investigation. Lou has a secret, dubious relationship with GRO, who uses innocent Gamètì villagers as laboratory “crash test dummies” and Delean werewolves as gate guardians.
Unwitting Ike shoots Lou’s eldest son to stop him from rampaging through Gamètì. Otis, Ike’s sidekick, asks, “What are you gonna do about this?” Ike goes to Delean to explain to Lou but is lucky to escape with his life. While Ike is away, Otis willingly becomes a vampire to overcome personal insecurities, and Zeke runs away to his sweetheart, Tilly, who lives in Delean. When Ike returns home, Henderson, a former GRO scientist, tells Ike and Angel about Gorben’s plan, but Angel does not trust Henderson.
Baron, Lou’s new heir-apparent, schemes with his advisor, ambitious Draco, who says, “… opportunities avail themselves when blood runs in the family.” Lou allows a final voyage of the lake barge so that Reever can deliver a poisoned dairy order to Gameti. During the voyage, Reever implants Angel’s sister, Noreen, with a deadly toxin, but Otis saves her life. Baron arrests Zeke in Delean and kidnaps Tilly as leverage against Ike. He and Henderson break into GRO and confront arrogant Gorben, who lets it slip that Gamètì is slated for destruction. Zeke discovers Angel is in league with Baron and, after winning a duel with him, convinces Angel to return to Gamètì. He thinks he’s won Angel back into the fold, but she returns with killing Ike to protect Zeke still her mission. Ike and Henderson bring Gorben to Gamètì, managing to bust through Delean roadblocks.
In Gamètì, Ike confronts the chaos. The superior Delean fighting force spoils for a fight, Zeke and Angel are missing, his sidekick is a vampire, and drones are set to strike at dawn. Ike musters a team, offers Lou a Tilly-for-Gorben swap, then convinces Lou that GRO is their mutual enemy. It works until Draco ambushes Lou. A vicious war breaks out. During the fighting, Ike shoots Draco, preventing him from murdering Baron. Lou arrests Gorben for culpability in his son’s murder.
At Ike’s house, Reever holds Arinya hostage to force Angel to kill Ike, but after a struggle, Henderson intervenes, and she and Ike share a moment of truth before she leaves. When Ike finds Arinya, she is safe because “Otis came and took [Reever] out the window.”
A month later, Henderson drives into Gamètì to say goodbye to Ike, who is happy and settled with Angel. A night-time roller hockey game is in full swing. Zeke is the coach; Tilly lives with him in Gamètì, and. Henderson tells Ike that Gorben’s trial starts that week and that she has funding for her Lupus research. They part as friends and are a little sad, but she expresses her respect for him as a family man and husband. Ike tells Angel he loves her.
Otis and Noreen dine on Reever, flying below the sunset as bats.

Submitted: November 20, 2022
Last Updated: November 28, 2022

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The Writer: Al Cool

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