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The Realm

A young mother takes her teenaged children on a vacation and winds up running for their lives when they’re hunted down by a dark fog that destroys everything it touches.



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A scared and bleeding WOMAN (30s) runs out of the woods and through a field to get away from a
dark cloud-like figure in the night. As she trips, it catches up to her, and upon looking at it she
explodes into smoke and dissipates in the air.
The next day, REBECCA (30s) sits behind her desk at the office overhearing some gossip concerning
her drunk husband. Passing by, the colleagues stop and giggle when Rebecca gives them a look that
could kill.
Rebecca radiates anger as she drives through the countryside. She pulls up to the house as her
children KELVIN (10) and COURTNEY (17) play soccer in the backyard. Rebecca finds her husband
PETER (30s) drinking in the kitchen while he cooks and confronts him about overhearing him
cheating. Peter claims she doesn’t have the facts but she comes right back at him that she’s noticed
the lack of interest in her and how often he’s gone. Peter’s sick of it and decides to leave.
Rebecca takes up the cooking while she lets herself cry, giving herself a drink while she’s at it. When
she and the kids sit down to dinner, she puts on a smile and finishes off the wine. Rebecca is woken
up in the middle of the night by the sound of a dog barking. Peter is still not there so she arms
herself with a flashlight and a baseball bat. She comes out to see two figures on the other side of the
door. She creeps closer as they start knocking, only to be relieved when they declare themselves as
the police.
The kids come out of their rooms as Rebecca answers the door, all of them hit hard when the POLICE
OFFICERS inform them that Peter’s in critical condition after a car accident and they need to come
along immediately. She leads the kids to the car with assurances that it’s going to be okay but it
doesn’t feel that way as they wait in the hospital.
When the DOCTOR comes out to them, he doesn’t have to say anything for them to know that
Peter’s dead. Rebecca breaks down and tries to go to him but is stopped by more staff.
Courtney lets the remaining guests out of the house after Peter’s service while Rebecca sits at the
kitchen table with her sister RILEY(30s) about her regret and guilt of how things ended between her
and Peter before his death. RIley consoles her with assurances it’s not her fault and that Rebecca
needed to take the kids on a vacation to get away for a little while.
That night, Rebecca goes to get the kids for dinner and finds her daughter in her bedroom sobbing
while looking through photos of Peter in an album. Rebecca brings up the idea of them going on a
vacation to see their grandparents for a weekend, which Courtney seems to approve of.
Some co-workers welcome Rebecca back as she heads to her boss’s office. Her BOSS (50s) is a rude
and careless man who impatiently listens to her request for time off before refusing and firing her
when she tries to explain her need for the vacation. Rebecca destroys some of his frames before she
storms out of the office.
On the drive with her kids, Rebecca calls her mom to make sure she’s home before they get there.
As time passes, Kelvin goes from playing on his phone to kicking at the back of Rebecca’s seat
because he hates going to see his grandparents and doesn’t have anything to do there.
His feet make Rebecca turn back to look at him but quickly turns back around when a truck honks at
her for drifting into the other lane. She quickly veers back into her lane and pulls over as it passes.
Courtney goes off on Kelvin for almost getting them killed, leading Rebecca to yell at both of them to
stop before she gets back on the road.
They finally take the exit to her parents’ town but don’t notice that there’s no one out in the town.
Rebecca pulls up to her parents’ house, a large twentieth century building. She’s still distracted while
the kids get out to look around. They check out the backyard, not noticing the utter quiet or a mist
that’s slowly surrounding the area.
Rebecca goes up to the front door to ring the bell, finding the door unlocked, and steps inside calling
out for her parents. The inside of the house looks unchanged and empty, like no one is there.
Rebecca calls the kids inside from the kitchen door. They find a beer bottle, still cold and undrunk,
sitting on the table. She tries her childhood bedroom and finds that it, too, looks pristine and like it
did when she lived there. Memories start to come to her that make her happy. Courtney and Kelvin,
still in the kitchen, notice warm plates of food on the counter that weren’t there before. There’s also
a bloodied knife. Rebecca walks in just as Courtney picks it up and takes it from her, attempting to
wash off the blood. It won’t come off. She drops the knife in the sink and finally voices their mutual
feeling that something is wrong before she makes for the backyard.
The mist is now fog and has grown to surround most of the house. Rebecca stops a swing that’s
moving itself. A raven caws at them, leading Rebecca towards a lake that’s next to the house. A
mutated deer steps out of the bushes as she’s looking and comes toward her with a threatening
growl before screams from a neighboring house scare it off back to the woods.
Rebecca follows the screams to find the wife crushing her husband’s skull in with a shovel. The lady
smiles at Rebecca and welcomes her home, sending Rebecca running away.
Rebecca runs back into the kitchen of her parents’ house and shouts for the kids so they can leave.
Courtney tells her she’s scared and asks what happened but Rebecca doesn’t answer, wanting them
to hurry. A knock on the door, a figure of the short elderly neighbour stands on the other side of the
door, knocking and knocking, holding her bloodied shovel.
Rebecca grabs her father’s golf club and advances to the door, carefully with her kids behind her
back following every step. She quickly opens the door in her face, the neighbour repeats her earlier
welcome back speech. Rebecca swift kicks the lady down the stairs and runs for the car.
As she reverses the car, the lady emerges from the bushes, kids screams as Rebecca decides to drive
the lady over. She changes gears and speeds off.
The sky darkens while the fog expands and gets thicker, a figure watching from within it. The sky
black as night, animals flee and sounds start from the forest as they drive by. Cars zoom passed
them, crashing into trees or into ditches. Rebecca pulls over to take a look at the driver of the car,
who gets out disoriented. Another car crashes right into him, making Rebecca fall back and scramble
to get back to her own car. As she casts a look behind her, Rebecca sees a dark figure in the fog. The
figure watches as she flees and seems to be following her. Courtney tries looking for a signal or
wireless network but can’t connect to one. Rebecca refuses to let Kelvin look at the following figure
while she drives as fast as she can. As soon as they hit the border of the trees, the figure stops
following them and vanishes.
Finally, they see a town in the distance. However, the town is empty and quiet. The only action they
see is a bird that smashes into their windshield. They see a man running through the street as a dark
figure devours him. Another man, MATHIEUS (40s), knocks on their window until Rebecca lets him
into the car and hurriedly drives out of the town. The world around them is dark and empty with
cars deserted along the sides of the road. Rebecca asks Mathieus about what’s happening but he
doesn’t have any answers to give outside of knowing people are dead. He suggests they stop at a
store to pick up water and food for the drive. Rebecca tells her kids to stay in the car but they refuse
to be left alone in the car.
Rebecca hesitates as they go inside, struck by a familiarity she can’t quite place. The fog is closing in
on them with the figure inside still following them. Most of the shelves are empty, save a can of
ravioli on the ground that Rebecca finds familiar. It’s the same as the food back on the counter at her
parents’ house. She keeps feeling like everything is familiar, including Mathieus, who insists that
they need to leave before things get even darker.
A loud bang draws their attention to one of the back doors. Rebecca can’t help getting closer as
more bangs occur, until another one makes the doors rattle. They start running as a hellhound-like
beast breaks out and runs after them. Everyone hops into the car, Rebecca telling Mathieus to drive,
but he says she’s the only one who can. She quickly takes over, though confused, and drives off
before the beast can do more than run its head into the side of the car.
Rebecca and Courtney ask what’s happening. Mathieus says everyone believes that the Hell Hounds
and the destruction is because of the Devil, that he’s cracked the Earth to come up and destroy
everything so they can’t escape. He says the black foggy figure is the Devil himself and all they can
do is keep running. Later on in the drive as the kids sleep, Rebecca finally asks Mathieus who he is.
He says he’s a former client of hers, though she doesn’t remember, and says maybe she doesn’t
want to. He insinuates that they wanted more than something professional on their business date
but nothing happened, but Rebecca doesn’t believe it.
An eruption that sends cracks and gas into the road in front of them causes Rebecca to panic and
lose her focus despite Mathieus trying to encourage her. She swerves the car as a wind pushes them,
waking her kids up. She finally gets control of the car again while Matheius tells them all not to look
back no matter what happens. They hit another path in the road that suddenly brings things back to
normal, but they’re low on gas. Matheius tells Rebecca there’s a gas station close ahead, staying
cryptic when she asks him how he knows all these things by saying he’s drawn there to help her.
While he fills the car up, Rebecca checks with her kids. Courtney and Kelvin are both scared but
Kelvin also looks weak from hunger. Without listening to Rebecca or Courtney, he gets out of the car.
Courtney goes after her brother inside the gas station. It’s dark but the shelves are still stocked with
food. They quickly start piling food into a cart while Matheius checks on Rebecca. He notices an RV
nearby and goes over to it.
As Courtney stops at one of the fridges for a drink, a MAN attacks her. Rebecca and Matheius don’t
hear any of it outside while the man drags Courtney to the office. A beaten Kelvin pushes himself up
from the floor and tries to defend his sister, smashing a glass over the man’s head before making a
break for the exit. The man catches up to Kelvin and gags him, then drags him to the office, too.
Rebecca finally hears something that gets her out of the car while Matheius looks through the
abandoned RV. The man is tying up the kids, threatening them with a gun, when Rebecca finally
comes into the station calling for them. The man comes up behind her as she scans the aisles,
pointing the gun at her and trying to force himself on her until Rebecca punches him and gets the
gun away. She runs, Mathieus appearing with a bat to the man’s face as he follows.
Rebecca has trouble starting the car. Disfigured dogs attack the car, breaking the windows to get in,
while the man from the station shoots at the car until one of the dogs devours him. The dogs
continue to chase them once Rebecca gets the car started. They’re all so distracted they end up
running over something and causing the car to break down. Matheius quickly tells them all not to
look outside when something gets on the roof. It’s the foggy figure, who makes the car shake as the
dogs disappear.
The figure moves around the car, pushing it, as it hovers by Rebecca. Mathieus reminds them not to
look, then when the figure isn’t in front of the car, he tells Rebecca to go. She manages to get the car
to start again and peels away from the figure. The figure pursues them, its screams getting louder
and louder, causing cracks in the road that Rebecca has to keep swerving to miss. Kelvin is screaming
while Courtney keeps urging Rebecca that the figure’s still after them. They finally cross another
section of the road that lets them out into the normal world, where the darkness is completely gone
and a town is coming. The figure watches them from the border before disappearing again.
People are walking around like nothing’s wrong. Mathieus still believes it will happen soon, so
Rebecca parks at a Walmart so they can get supplies. The sky is still dark but no one around pays
attention to it when Rebecca and the group get out of the car. The kids start arguing, bringing
everyone’s attention to them. Mathieus tells Rebecca that everything that happens, the path they’re
on, is based on what she decides. She breaks apart the fight, ending everyone’s attention on them,
before Mathieus goes his own way for things and they head inside.
There are even more people inside and acting normally, which makes Rebecca happy. Courtney and
Kelvin split away from her to find something to eat, promising not to split up. Rebecca finds herself
in an aisle looking at biscuits that she loved growing up. The childhood memories fill her up with
happiness again.
A man in the parking lot is attacked by one of the beasts. The figure arrives with more beasts at its
side. Hearing the howls, Rebecca starts looking for her kids, running through the store while
everyone around her acts like nothing is going on. She yells at a man to not leave the store but she
goes on ignored, so she locks the doors once he’s gone. The kids come running over to her, quickly
getting away from the door as they hear the man scream from the parking lot when he spots the
beasts. Angry, Rebecca yells at one of the older women, but the woman acts like it’s completely fine
and remains nice, even when Rebecca knocks over her cart.
No one reacts to her demands to get to safety, a cashier acting just like the woman and an angry
woman in line only pissed Rebecca’s cut her off. They begin to argue and the line of people waiting
in line are getting more and more irritated and unbalanced. She uses the intercom to insist everyone
help her board up the store. Kelvin and a reluctant Courtney get up to go look at the hunting section
for supplies. No one is listening to Rebecca, still yelling at her to get out of the way.
The cashier jumps onto the conveyor belt armed with a baseball bat and a complete mayhem starts
with everyone fighting each other, A group of people unlocks the doors to get out. Rebecca grabs a
sharp object to try and stop them.
At first nothing happens, but then the fog surrounds the men outside and a beast launches into the
store to kill a woman. Finally, people start screaming. The doors are jammed when Rebecca tries to
trigger them again.
One of the windows breaks when another beast jumps into the store. Courtney falls to the floor with
a piece of glass stuck to her leg. The best opens its enormous mouth and is about to eat her alive
when Rebecca comes running, stabbing the beast’s head with the sharp object, saving her daughter.
Another beast comes crashing into a fridge door, notices them and takes off.
Kelvin has the storage door open for them. Rebecca slams it shut right before the beast can get in
with them. It rams against the door while Rebecca turns on a light to find another beast inside with
them. She tells the kids to hide. Kelvin runs inside a box-like office room while Courtney hides behind
a pallet, to hurt to run.
Rebecca runs the other way to distract the hound. Rebecca shoves items from pallets to block the
hound as she runs but it’s ineffective. She finds a pipe to use as a weapon, that too being easily
deflected by the hound. She takes off in another direction, ending up at a dead end. A cut from her
arm makes the hound hungrier, and Rebecca accepts that she’s about to die. A gun blows the
hound’s head off, revealing Riley, Rebecca’s sister, to be the shooter. Riley avoids questions with
their time limit and asks for the children.
As they make to leave, the cashier comes out with the old lady and a couple other survivors. Rebecca
quickly gets the door closed and lets Riley lead them outside a side door while they hear howling
from inside the store. Another beast breaks through, notices Kelvin alone in the office and crashes
right into it leaving nothing left. Rebecca loses it thinking her son died, she doesn't want to leave but
her sister drags her to safety.
The darkness makes it hard to see, and Riley needs them quiet, so it’s easy for Rebecca and Courtney
to get separated from the rest of them. Rebecca and Courtney freeze when they see the figure kill a
pair of shadows that turns out to be the cashier and old lady when they speak to him. Riley appears
next to Rebecca before they all start running.
The figure chases after them. The figure throws cars aside as it chases the group through the streets.
The further they get, the clearer the sky is. An RV pulls up in front of them, brought by Mathieus, and
they quickly get inside when they hear a cry for help.
Kelvin is still alive and is shouting his mother's name. Mathieus forces Courtney to starts the car and
drive as they are out of time. Riley looks at her sister with a smile and jumps out of the moving car to
rescue Kelvin. Rebecca don’t want to leave without them but is kept in the car.
When they get away from the figure, she rounds on Matieus, who says that only you guys can drive.
She asks him a couple of questions but he responds even if I wanted to tell you everything I can’t.
Mathieus is as cryptic as always in his answers and it makes her insane. Courtney asks and Rebecca
answers that they’re going home.
Kelvin stands alone, hears two shotgun shots, his aunt Riley comes out of the fog with the shotgun in
hand. Two new beasts come splitting up, one going for Kelvin and one ready to attack Riley. Riley
sees the helpless little kid and shoots the beasts head off and tells Kelvin to run for his life. He makes
a run for it, hears two new shotgun shots followed by a cry.
Their house is the only one that hasn’t been touched by the destruction. They take a look around
before they enter. Inside the house, Rebecca looks around at everything, relieved it’s still untouched,
while Mathieus goes to see Courtney in the kitchen, who complains about being hungry but finds
everything in the fridge to be rotten. Rebecca enters the kitchen with a first aid kit to treat her
daughter's wound.
Rebecca gets a flashlight out of the hallway closet and heads into the basement. Mathieus goes with
Rebecca downstairs. They find some canned food but put them aside when they see a radio on
Peter’s work desk to carry upstairs. Mathieus says he can try to make it work.
Later, with some tools, Matheius gets the radio to work and scans it for a working channel while
Rebecca and Courtney are on the floor eating the canned food. A voice is heard through the radio
finally, and Rebecca rushes to communicate with him. He gives her an address to come join his group
in the morning. For the time being, they lie down in the kitchen to sleep with Matheius taking the
first watch.
Courtney wakes up early alone in the room and goes to find the adults outside loading up the RV.
With one last check that they have everything, Rebecca drives them away from the house for a final
time. The sky gets darker as they enter the forest, the only light coming from a blood-red moon in
the sky. Rebecca’s watching her daughter sleep when the RV suddenly dies. It won’t restart when
she tries, leaving them to have to make the decision to risk continuing on foot carrying what they
can. Mathieus tells Rebecca to follow her coordinates, following where she points.
They’re surrounded by noises, the figure watching as they go on. Matheius assures Rebecca that
Kelvin couldn’t be in safer hands with her sister. They all reach a corner and halt, looking through the
heavy fog. It’s the figure, starting to drain them until Mathieus orders them to look away. He finds a
passage nearby and pulls them all through it with the figure chasing after them.
The group runs into a dead end and quickly looks for another way out. Before they can all get away,
Courtney falls down a slope. Rebecca runs back to try to get her up but is unsuccessful. Mathieus
forces her to keep moving forward as their time is very limited. Mathieus calms Rebecca by telling
her that she will find her way back to us.
The surroundings get even darker. Next, they hear a voice calling out for his mother from some place
in the forest. He trips as he hears something coming and hides from the fog. Just as one of the dogs
gets close, Mathieus finds Kelvin and helps him slip away.
In the ditch, a wounded Courtney struggles to find a way out when a blood-covered white wolf
appears to her growling. She prepares for it to kill her but instead discovers it’s disappeared when
she opens her eyes. She gets out of the ditch and stumbles through the forest alone.
She discovers a cabin surrounded by skeletons and struggles to force her way inside. Courtney
manages to get inside before the dogs can get to her, barricading the door with a table and looking
around through the Halloween decorations for a weapon. She arms herself with a crowbar as the
dogs get their heads through the wood, but when she leans against a wall, the wood breaks and
sends her outside. She takes off, the dogs pursuing her, when the white wolf tackles one of them
and fights it. She keeps running, the fog trying to make a grab for her but it disappears.
Courtney reaches a waterfall and is trapped between the fog and the figure. She decides to jump
into the water instead.
Rebecca, Kelvin, and Mathieus get to the office parking lot. Mathieus convinces Rebecca to get a
hold of herself and tries to tell her that she needs to face her fears but she doesn’t understand.
Sounds from the forest send them running anyway.
A man waves to them from the front door to hurry. Rebecca and Kelvin struggle while being chased
down by hounds while Mathieus keeps pushing them and cheering that they’ll make it. They manage
to get in and lock the doors right before the hounds hit the door. The hounds keep trying to get
through while Rebecca recognizes the man as her former boss, though he treats her nicely and like a
stranger. She calls him out on it but he insists he has no idea who she is or that she’s ever worked for
him, leading her to an employee wall that’s never been there before. Rebecca can’t find her picture,
which makes her even angrier. She goes to her desk to find it occupied by someone else’s things.
SAMANTHA, the one who uses the desk, the gossiper from the beginning, comes out with others to
see what’s going on. Rebecca is cold to her since she, too, claims to not know Rebecca.
They all hear the glass out front cracking under the attack of the hounds. The figure shows up to the
parking lot with more hounds with him. He forms into a bigger version of a beast while all of
Rebecca’s former co-workers try to border up the doors.
Rebecca asks Mathieus if she’s dead. He says not yet, and reveals that he was just a memory helping
her along. That her most important memories are helping her. She still cannot remember who he is,
so she asks what the office really is. He reveals they’re in a realm that her own anger created, and
the creatures outside are her past that was buried down and is now fighting back.
Rebecca tries to go get her daughter but Mathieus promises her that she is protected while the
workers do what they can to keep the beasts out, Rebecca asks what they need to do to stop all of it.
Mathieus says that it’s up to her, and that all she needs to do is imagine what she wants to bring into
her life. Rebecca visualizes an armory for them to walk into. She loads up a shotgun when Mathieus
gives her a special shell and tells her she’ll know when to use it.
There’s no more time to hold the beasts back so they grab their weapons and go back out to the
main room as the glass breaks. Kelvin runs to Rebecca as more hounds get into the building. Rebecca
fails at hitting the hound and cowers with her son until Matheius kills it for her. He reminds her to
believe in herself and use her imagination. She takes aim and finally kills one of the hounds herself.
As more hounds make their way in, they run into another room.
Samantha follows and falls, and Mathieus talks Rebecca into helping her. They flee to the next office
space as the big beast comes after them. She tries to shoot the next hound attacking, finds the gun
empty, and imagines a new gun to kill it with. It pins her to the ground but Samantha helps get it off
of her. As they head for another room, a hound drags Mathieus into it. Rebecca goes after him as the
big beast catches up to them. She finds him bleeding in the middle of the room topped by the
hound. She kills it and hurries to his side, seeing Samantha be devoured by the big beast.
Kelvin hides under a desk while Rebecca tries to help Mathius, assuring him it’s okay that they’ve
failed. She takes out the shell and loads it into the shotgun as the room begins to shake, aiming it at
the beast. The beast opens its mouth as she fires. The shell becomes a beam of light that kills the
beast and opens a portal through the wall.
Rebecca collapses, exhausted, as Peter steps out of the portal. Kelvin runs and embraces him before
Peter kneels by Rebecca. They apologize to each other, with Peter admitting he should have been
better to her. He tells them that they can’t be together yet, that Kelvin and Rebecca still had to go
Kelvin and Rebecca walk into the portal. Rebecca wakes up on a stretcher, having actually crashed
into the truck instead of swerving. She sees her children being loaded onto their own stretchers but
unable to understand what’s being said around them. Rebecca tries to reach out to her kids, but
passes out. The world fades to black. Rebecca comes to the hospital with Kelvin waiting at her side.
A nurse tells her Courtney is in a coma in another room. Rebecca screams and tries to get out of bed
but is forced back down, having to be sedated.
Courtney wakes up, still in the destroyed world, alone, as fog crawls in and ravens call.

Submitted: November 4, 2020
Last Updated: January 10, 2021

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