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The Reefer Dudes

After eating weed laced brownies, two Southern California slackers (Brad and Ace) discover their hidden superpowers. When they find out their friend has been kidnapped, they decide to go on an adventure to save him.



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THE REEFER DUDES is a current era action-comedy that would be very appealing during this superhero era of film. After eating weed laced brownies, two Southern California slackers (Brad and Ace) discover their hidden superpowers. When they find out their friend has been kidnapped, they decide to go on an adventure to save him. Daniel Chun is college student at a major university called Palo Alto Tech. He is also best friends with Brad and Ace. One morning, Daniel gets chased by a gang of ninjas and attempts to fight them off. He ends up getting kidnapped by a different gang of ninjas who reveal themselves from a large van. Brad wakes up around noon after receiving a call from his girlfriend. She breaks with Brad because she thinks he’s a loser with no aspirations. Brad decides to go meet up with his pal Ace.

When Brad gets to Aces house, Ace is busy watching Popeye The Sailor Man. Brad is intrigued by Popeye because he uses “the greens” to get strong and save the day. Ace tells Brad that the marijuana plant he grew was mixed with brownies his grandma just made. Brad doesn’t believe that Ace is capable of botany, but ends up trying the brownies with Ace. Suddenly, Brad and Ace get a rush and feel like they can lift anything. They accomplish a few feats of strength and realize that there is magic in the brownies.

Daniel’s younger sister calls and tells Brad and Ace that he has been kidnapped. On a whim, Brad and Ace decide to travel to Northern California to save him. On their way to the airport, they fight a couple of thieves with the aid of the brownies. At a secret hideout, the ninjas that kidnapped Daniel reveal themselves. They are led by a rich frat boy named Owen, who likes to throw giant parties. Brad and Ace arrive to Palo Alto Tech’s campus and think they should start asking around for clues.

They see a huge line to get into a party at a frat house. They get some beer in order to buy their way into the party. The frat house is actually Owen’s and a front for his ninja gang. Brad and Ace almost get into a fight with Owen at the party and since they are heavily outnumbered, they decide to leave. On their way down the street, they are approached by Monica, a pretty but mysterious girl. She tells them she noticed they were asking around for Daniel Chun and she could have some info for them. She tells them to meet at a restaurant the next day. Brad and Ace decide they need to do some training in the morning.

That morning, Brad and Ace spar for a little bit. After their training they see a bunch of protestors heckling a man that is polluting the campus with trash. They decide to fight the man since he is destroying the environment. Once again with the aid of the brownies, they defeat the polluter and go to the restaurant to meet with Monica. At the restaurant, Monica shows them a ninja star found at the place where Daniel was suspected to be kidnapped. Monica says that a certain ninja gang is known to carry the ninja stars. Brad and Ace go to the location where Daniel was kidnapped and ask a liquor store owner if he had seen anything suspicious lately.

The store owner says he saw a big van speed off after hearing a fight outside. Brad and Ace deduce that since they are in Palo Alto, there wouldn’t be a lot of vans being driven. They rent a two person bike and go to the nearest gas station that serves many different kinds of car fuels. They spot a big suspicious van and two people come out of it. They approach to the two guys and are offered some drugs. Brad and Ace refuse the drugs but think they should follow the van.

They follow the van and find out the guys driving are from the ninja gang that kidnapped Daniel. They eat some brownies and follow the van at incredible speed. They lose the van but end up on a hill where they can see a compound. Before they can attack the compound they get jumped by a different ninja gang. They wake up in another compound, where Monica reveals herself to be leader of the rival ninja gang to Owen. Monica wants to help Brad and Ace save Daniel, so they all devise a plan to get into Owen’s compound and save Daniel. Brad and Ace go to the compound disguised as ninjas from Owen’s gang and are able to get into the compound. They go to the security room and release the locks to all the doors around the compound. Monica’s ninja gang is able to infiltrate the compound in order to get ready to attack.

A huge fight breaks out. Brad and Ace eat some Brownies to fight some evil ninjas. They eventually go to Owen’s command room where Daniel is being kept prisoner. Owen puts on a power suit and engages Brad and Ace. They fight Owen and aren’t able to defeat him. They try to get another dose of brownies, but Ace is out of them. Brad tells Ace to go to the computer to try to shut down the power suit while he distracts Owen. Ace doesn’t like the plan but Brad tells Ace to believe in him. The plan works and they defeat Owen. Daniel is saved. Brad and Ace can finally say that they are heroes.

Since American society has become more accepting of marijuana use, both medically and recreationally, I don’t think the heroes’ use of the substance would deter audiences. The script could also lead to a franchise which is something most studios are looking for these days. The script is also written with the intention of receiving a PG13 MPAA rating and if the script was made into a film, that would enable most of the public to see it in theaters (or streaming).

Submitted: February 15, 2020
Last Updated: March 28, 2020

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The Writer: Andrew Ramirez

I’m a writer out of Los Angeles, California (where I was born and raised). I graduated from UCLA in 2010. More recently, I graduated from California State University, Fullerton with an MFA in Screenwriting in 2017. Comedy is the main genre I choose when writing a screenplay. My long term goal is to create original content for the film industry that I grew up with and revered. I want to entertain the mainstream audience because I’m part of it. After all, they are what keep the industry alive. In the long run, the more the industry ignores the general audience, the more they will go elsewhere for their entertainment. Post covid, I believe it would be wise for the industry to pivot to towards... Go to bio

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