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A deeply secret society of astral travelers is seeking to alter both reality and history through the art of astral projection so that they become the sole rulers of the world.

For decades, a deeply secret and well networked society of astral travelers(Astral Union) have been seeking to use astral projection, the most mystic form of Out Of Body Experience(O.B.E), to travel back in time to the year 1962, alter the outcome of the crisis between Russia and U.S in order to create a nuclear war. Astral Union believes in redeeming the world from it's evils, destroying it to create a more perfect society out of the survivors of the war.
For their mission to succeed, the Astral Union also needs to alter reality, make themselves gods of the new world. But only one person holds the key to the success of their course, Ray Donson. A college economics student who is the only person whose strong psychic abilities anables him to travel through time, enter and leave reality dimension, all by means of astral projection.
Ray has to figure out a way to protect his family from harm by the Astral Union and at the same time, go against Astral Union's wishes of world's destruction.

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The Writer: Virginia Kane

I was passionate about writing since I was a little girl. I have always been creative and have tried almost anything that needs creativity. Including fashion designing, poetry, and short stories. I wrote and published my first two novels immediately I left high school. Then I switched to scripts, looking for a new adventure. It is my first time script writing and it's more exciting than anything else I have tried. Go to bio

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