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The Serum

When his old friend is kidnapped after discovering the secret to reanimating the dead, an ex-cop battles the military, assorted zombies, and soldiers of fortune attempting to rescue him and save Hollywood and mankind.



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Tommy D’amassi, former head of Criminal Science Investigations at the Sheriff’s department, now leading a team of Scientists at REGENERON, the leader in dead cell regeneration research in South Florida.
His team’s developed The Serum that’s regenerated dead cells in mice from a multitude of diseases including Cancer, Covid-19, MS and others. Unfortunately in clinical studies with dead humans, the serum’s interacted negatively with some patients, transforming them into blood thirsty night walkers or Zombies, depending on the disease with which The Serum interacted. Unbeknownst to Tommy, Walden Courtenay, the CEO of the company has made a deal with the Government to provide it to them, to create an unstoppable army regardless of the negative studies.

When Tommy discovers their plan, he steals The Serum and leads REGENERON’S mercenaries on a high speed chase. Unfortunately Tommy isn’t a great driver, he ends up crashing into Hollywood Florida’s oldest graveyard, accidentally releasing the serum into the well water sprinkler system. The mercenaries capture him, and since The Serum is now gone, Tommy’s their only hope to get it back.

The dead come to life, and battle. Corpses that rise are different, depending on the disease that’s present in their cells. Cancer, MS, Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, they rise as just plain old Zombies. Covid-19 patients and ANYONE vaccinated for it become blood sucking night-walkers. What they were in life, they become in death, neither liking each other, but one commonality, they all hate are humans.

Before capture, Tommy contacted his old friend, retired detective turned PI Johnny Dangle to help him uncover evidence in REGENERONS plot, and also forwarded some of the research to him along with 2 vials of The Serum.
When Dangle discovers Tommy’s missing, he enlists the aide of his girlfriend, reporter Jennifer Atwood with WDCK news, and another old friend, coroner Andrea Mitchell. Together they must battle, the military, REGENERON and mercenaries to try and rescue his old friend.

They’re not expecting the dead to crash the party.

Submitted: August 28, 2021
Last Updated: November 21, 2021

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The Writer: Joseph Bianco

A Private Investigator for 16 years in the South Florida community turned author and screenwriter in 2019. I guess you can say I've been a story teller for a long time, with 4 kids, and my career, plenty of stories had to be told. Only wish I found C J Walley and this site a couple of weeks ago. No worries, glad I did, looking forward to contributing and progressing in the craft of story telling! Go to bio

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