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The Strange Connection



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Lucky sees Joe getting carried away on a stretcher after a bike accident. The whole town knows he's in coma. But suddenly Lucky finds Joe stalking her wherever she goes.

Lucky, 19, is a talented painter whose whole life revolves around her childhood crush and her best friend, Steve. She's so obsessed with Steve that she neglects her own career and health for his sake. But he's a playboy who overlooks her routinely. Heartbroken to see him kiss another girl she sets out for her cousin, Rachel’s house to help with her wedding preparations. On the way, she sees Joe, 30, getting carried away on a stretcher after a bike accident.

At Rachel's place, Lucky hears her love story and wishes she could also have one. Rachel takes her to a church to pray. Suddenly, Lucky finds Joe stalking her even though he’s in coma. She gets scared and starts to investigate. Rachel used to date Joe. She notices Lucky’s obsession with Joe and warns her strictly to stay away from him because he’s a dangerous backstabber. Lucky’s confusion and fear escalates, but she can’t ignore a man who keeps following her. While investigating, Lucky faces two Joe-s in the hospital, one in coma, and another sentient whom only she can see. The sentient Joe explains that sometimes he’s trapped in his wounded body, and sometimes he’s near Lucky. They both are clueless as to what is happening or why this is happening. But internet research shows that during coma souls may move in and out of the body.

Now, Lucky sets out to find why she shares this strange connection with a "ghost".

Submitted: December 26, 2019
Last Updated: December 26, 2019

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The Writer: Priya Das

I am a simple girl who loves stories. In any form. Books and movies both. My love for stories turned me into a published author. From there it wasn't long before I felt that I needed to explore myself more. So I started working as an assistant director in regional films. When I was working on my movies, the script writer would sometimes do a bunk and the whole shoot would be held up. And then I would step up as the impromptu script writer. When that started working out and people started relying on me, I realised that now I needed to take the next step and write my own screenplay. So here I am ready with my first screenplay, looking for some feedback from fellow writers. Go to bio

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