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The Terrible Nephews



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Dax and Huck pass off their late Aunt's "female history" novel as their own to save their house.

Dax and Huck are great guys, a little rough around the edges, but overall good, normal fun loving guys. They just can't seem to come up any ideas of what to do with their lives. The only thing they know is they want to be their own boss and have gone through their inheritance money on start-ups to be sure of that.

But, nothing has panned out for them. After losing their Aunt, who raised them, they are forced into publishing her all-out female book to save their house. Without reading it of course.

With the books worldly success, and the suspect of plagiarism, contracts force our heroes into publishing a follow-up. What they come up with, and the characters that help, end up tying and bringing the family closer than ever.

Submitted: August 2, 2016
Last Updated: July 2, 2019
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The Writer: Anthony Seger

Amateur screenwriter, family man from northern Indiana. Run a movie screening website for phobia sufferers called Phobias at the Movies. Watching so many movies ended up giving me a lot of ideas that seem to just flow out of me when I write. Go to bio