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The Valley of the Skull

Two women — a steely Catholic nun and a headstrong freed slave — embark on a dangerous, life-changing rescue mission when a violent gang of ex-Confederate soldiers kidnap the nun’s younger sister.



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2019 Nicholl Quarterfinalist

Nicholl reader comments:
* "The story built to truly intense and graphic, dramatic moments. Many were hard to read but they were gripping. As the story wore on it had a compelling momentum that really made the pages turn. I was engaged throughout and moved by the end."
* "This script features an unusual, tantalizing combination of elements, pairing Western revenge tropes with Civil War drama and modern-day stories about women who are reclaiming power."
* "Dawson is a great villain. You hate him on the first page and throughout the story he’s always present."
* "The script had a harrowing personality to it."
* "Created with considerable skill, this paints a bleak, but vividly powerful portrait of the Old West."
* "...the script gives off a voice that’s chilling vis a vis writing is amazing."

Submitted: January 4, 2020
Last Updated: February 3, 2021

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The Writer: Aaron Corpus

I’m a Mexican-/Filipino-American amateur writer who revels in exacting revenge on my bland All-American upbringing by writing hard-hitting, violent stories laced with unexpected humor and heart. I don't write in one genre, but the thread running through my scripts is this: my stories expose and malign injustices experienced by those who’ve been under the proverbial thumb of ____________ [insert oppressor here]. In 2019, two of my scripts advanced in the Nicholl Fellowship competition. The first cracked the quarterfinals; the second made it into the top 10%. That latter script also landed as a 2nd Rounder at AFF. I earned a BA from Stanford and an MFA from Loyola Marymount. Note: If anyone... Go to bio

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