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The Vine

An aging veteran infiltrates a small-town crime ring hoping it will lead him back to his latest sexual conquest.



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Slamdance Screenplay Coverage:
"This is a very entertaining script. It displays a lot of
visual imagination that comes off like an LSD-fueled
version of 'No Country For Old Men.'"

(Quarter-Finalist in the Slamdance Screenplay Competition 2017)
(Quarter-Finalist in the ScreenCraft Action/Horror Competition 2017)

International drifter Sal Harris comes to visit an old friend in St. Louis, Missouri before he heads back on the road to self-destruction. While staying at a motel, he nearly drowns, but is saved by a beautiful woman with an unforgettable tattoo on her wrist. After a sexual encounter, she disappears, but leaves him a message asking him to find her.

Although his search begins harmless, too much curiosity gives him a glimpse at the town's involvement with illegal drug and women trafficking. Suspecting the tattooed woman of being in danger, Sal infiltrates the criminal operation. This sends him down a rough path until he finally rediscovers the woman, who’s true motive puts Sal into even more risk: save her teenage daughter.

Sal uses his old pal and new friends to piece together a plan, but soon everyone discovers the operation is vastly more violent and intricate than expected.

Submitted: September 22, 2018
Last Updated: September 22, 2018

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The Writer: Max Hoven

IT EATS WHAT FEEDS IT, Horror/Romance - Graphic Novel Completed with artist Gabriel Iumazark; released in comic shop in the fall of 2020 with Scout Comics & Entertainment to critical acclaim and record setting sales. Releasing in bookstores worldwide with Simon & Schuster in early 2021. SHOTS, Crime/Thriller – Feature Film In pre-production with Incognito Motion Pictures, attached director/producer Kundan Sad (Iblis, Rescue) and star Ishita Ganguly (Shastri Sisters). FALL PEAK, Horror/Action - Webcomic Limited Series Published digitally via Line WebToon in 2019 with artist Samuel Bermudez; updates monthly. THE DEMON ARMY, Horror/Sci-Fi - Ongoing Comic Series In production with... Go to bio

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