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The Winemakers



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book by Jan Moran entitled: The Winemakers
Beneath the glamor of a burgeoning wine empire in post-war Napa Valley, deceit, lies, and forbidden secrets threaten to destroy a family and everyone they love.

Story is adapted from a 2016 novel published by St. Martin’s Press US/UK, Goldmann/Random House (a summer 2017 lead title), and other publishers in Italy, Russia, Poland, Turkey, and Lithuania. Ideal Audiobooks publishes the audiobook, read by Audie award- winning narrator Erin Bennett.

Synopsis: In the final years of Prohibition, the Rosetta family stakes a claim to a Napa Valley vineyard. Now in 1956, after the boom-and-bust cycle amid World War II, Napa vintners fight to create a legacy of American wine on the world stage, while at Mille Étoiles Vineyards, amid competitive threats, the Rosetta family harbors secrets that could ruin them all.
Ava Rosetta struggles to guide the vineyard and elevate the Napa wine industry, while her high-spirited, passionate daughter Caterina—a wine-blending savant—has inherited Ava’s talent for crafting wine. Against their strict Catholic faith, Caterina conceals a secret that could ruin her: An illegitimate daughter whose father, Santo, abandons Caterina without explanation, leaving her with nowhere to turn.
Devastated, Caterina journeys to their ancestral vineyard in Tuscany to seize the chance to start a new life. There for the first time, she meets her father’s family and discovers devastating secrets: Could her father Luca still be alive, or did her mother murder him? Why did Santo leave and why does her mother insist on keeping them apart? Could the shocking claim that Santo is her half-brother be true?
Dire events force Caterina to return to save the family wine empire and search for the truth that could destroy them all. Pressed with the financial collapse of the vineyard, Caterina and Santo to present their special blend of Cabernet Sauvignon at the world’s finest wine competition in Paris. Amid a controversial win, they return not to celebration, but to turmoil.
On the news of their victory, Luca surfaces after twenty years and in a legal power play threatens the estate and turns his wrath on the family. Ava suffers a crisis as her relationship with Raphael, the vineyard’s mysterious caretaker, deepens and threatens her faith.
In a climax of fury, deep within the vineyard’s wine cave the two women struggle against Luca’s rage—culminating in his death. In the end, grace blesses the family when Santo’s deceased mother’s diary reveals the truth: Luca lied about an affair with Santo’s mother in order to destroy her marriage, and Santo is not Caterina’s brother.

Submitted: October 23, 2017
Last Updated: October 23, 2017

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